Welcome to the Class Page
for the Leo Morning Star Series

With Your Guides Cayelin K Castell
and Sheridan Semple

And Guest Appearances from Tami Brunk 






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Live Class Schedule in 2023 to 2024. These are made up dates as I recall…

Class One  First Gate/Crown Chakra is exact Sep 11 (13 Leo 20)
Class Two
  Second Gate/Brow Chakra is exact Oct 10 (01 Virgo 21)
Class Three  Third Gate/Throat Chakra is exact Nov 09 (01 Libra 08)
Class Four  Fourth Gate/Heart Charka is exact Dec 09 (05 Scorpio Pisces 41)
Class Five  Fifth Gate/Solar Plexus Chakra is exact Jan 08, 2024 (12 Sagittarius o6)
Class Six  Sixth Gate/Sacral Chakra is exact Feb 07, 2024 (19 Capricorn 05)
Class Seven  Seventh Gate/Root Chakra is exact Mar 08, 2024 (26 Aquarius 08)
Class Eight  Eighth Gate/Death By Intent and Soul Star Chakra is exact Apr 07, 2024 (03 Aires 06)

Venus enters the Underworld Apr 27, 2024 and Rises into the Evening Sky Jul 06, 2024 with the first Evening Star gate Jul 10, 2024 at 29 Cancer. 

Any Date or Time Changes to the class schedule will be posted here.
Each Class Available for Replay by the next day.

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Venus Buddies

If you would like a Venus Buddy to journey with and connect around Homeplay Activities please enter your contact info and preference by Clicking Here by Sep 1 – after that email Sheridan with your request at sheridan@sheridansemple.com

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Sacral Chakra

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Root Chakra

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Earth Star Chakra

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NEW Introduction to the Venus Cycle

with Cayelin and Sheridan – 67 Minutes

A 27 minute look at the Magic and Mystery of Crones, Wise Women
and Grandmother Wisdom and Current Day Crones 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Maya Angelou, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Betty White

with Cayelin and Sheridan

Our FREE online overview of the rare events
of the Current Venus cycle in case you missed it!

Additional Videos to Support Your Understanding of the Venus Cycle
and How to work with it Ceremonially

Overview of the 19 month Venus Cycle – 52 minutes

Ceremonial Considerations for the Venus Cycle – 49 minutes

Venus Bonus Content Link

Password to access the Venus Bonus Content page is: VenusMagic8x8

The password must be entered exactly as it is seen here or you won’t get it.

This is where you will find additional audios, handouts and insights to support your Venus Journey.

2022 Capricorn Venus Gates to 2023 Capricorn cycle

Also here is a link to the past Aquarius/Capricorn cycles

Bonus: Chakras, Crystals and Aromatherapy List

Download pdf by clicking here!

Two Bonus Videos Exploring Grandmother Wisdom
from the 2017 Summit on Preparing for 2020.
These Videos apply as much today as they did when they were created.

Content for the Above Video

Who are the Grandmothers and how do they support 2020 Visioning?
Iroquois Confederacy and the Circle of Grandmothers
The Grandmothers Ask Questions
Asking the Grandmothers for Healing
Cave of Initiation (Cayelin Story)
Hopi Prophecy
Owls and Grandmothers (Tami’s Story)
Guided Meditation with Owl
Grandmother’s Song

Content for the Above Video

Grandmothers Prophecy
Valuing Grandmothers/Elders
The Bird Tribes
Healing Power of the Sacred Hoop
Personal Practice to enhance Awareness – Pema Chodron
Journaling Practice
Vision Board/Altar
Grandmothers and DNA Ancestry
Finding the Grandmother Guides within



Bonus Audios to either get you started or refresh your journey

Tuning Into Your Chakra Guides

by by Tami Brunk

Introduction to Venus Temple and Guided Journey

by Cayelin K Castell

Introduction to Sky Temple Guided Journey

by Tami Brunk

Questions to ponder to deepen your connection with your Grandmother Guide/s

What would it take for me to release all the blocks and barriers within that prevent me from a deeper relationship with my Grandmother Guide/s?

What would it take for me to deeply listen to the messages coming from my Grandmother Guide/s and then act wisely upon those messages?

Lisa Thiel Singing a Song to the Grandmothers…

Venus Retrograde Video – 45 minutes

Current Live and Recorded Classes

Ceremonial Journeying With the Current Meta-Goddess as she either Descends or Ascends through the Chakra Gates.

No Previous Knowledge of Astrology is Necessary to engage this intimate and life changing initiation deepening your connection to the Sacred Feminine within and without!

Explore Your Venus Signature!

How would it feel and what would it take to further enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward joyfully living your soul’s purpose? 

Updated Venus Signature Series Now with 14 Classes
Diving Even Deeper Into
Your Personal Venus Signature. 

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