Reclaiming the True Power of
Venus Retrograde

By Tami Brunk

On Friday, October 5, Venus begins a 42-day retrograde journey completing on November 16 when stationing direct.

Conventional Astrology views Venus as the planet of Love and Money. From this perspective the retrograde is a period where Venus is constricted, and caution is advised in making major decisions in the areas of relationship and finance. This mundane perspective may hold value to some but if we leave it at that, we miss the sacred dimension of this highly significant Venus Retrograde phase.

Within the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm we understand Venus Retrograde occurs with the planet at closest to the Earth and so at her greatest strength. We also view Venus as the Feminine Principle expressed through various archetypes of the Goddess.

Venus Morning Star Rise Significance Across Cultures
Ancient civilizations from Mesoamerica to Mesopotamia engaged the onset of Venus Retrograde as a time of preparation for major ceremonies to celebrate the heliacal rise or pre-sunrise appearance of Venus as Morning Star. Within this current Venus Retrograde Cycle, Morning Star Venus will rise in the east in the sign of Libra on November 1, beginning the first Libra Venus Cycle of our lifetime.

Venus as Seen Through the Sumerian Inanna Descent Story
Shamanic Astrology honors diverse cultural views of the Venus Cycle with a special emphasis on the ancient Sumerian perspectives. Their Sacred Myth, the Descent of the Goddess Inanna, literally describes the mechanics of the Venus Cycle while providing a ceremonial container for individual and collective engagement with Venus in her 584.5 day Death Rebirth initiation.

Since founding Venus Alchemy in 2014, Cayelin Castell and I have guided over 200 women and men through the 19 month Venus Cycle as described by the Inanna Myth. We begin each ceremonial journey following the Morning Star rise of Venus. The sign Venus rises in represents the Meta Goddess, or Archetype of the Feminine on the world stage during that Venus Cycle.

Current 2018 Venus Retrograde Cycle and How to Work With It!

October 5-31: Evening Star Venus Completes the Aries Venus Cycle.
The Great Goddess Inanna, as the Aries Goddess, has completed her initiation, claimed her crown, and is now integrating the experiences of the past 19-month Cycle as the Fierce Warrior Woman Aries Goddess on the world stage.

Ceremonial Action: Integration time. Look back over the entire Venus in Aries Cycle beginning March 31, 2017. Where do you see the Bold, Courageous Aries Goddess coming alive within you? In the broader culture? For example consider the #MeToo and Time’s Up Movements, Wonder Woman, Oprah’s Golden Globe Awards Speech, Black Panther, Christine Blasey Ford.

October 24 to October 31: 8 day Metamorphosis.
Venus is at interior conjunction with the Sun (exact October 26), passing between the Earth and Sun. To the ancients this was a time when the Goddess or Venus entered the Underworld, undergoing a very quick and dramatic death and rebirth.

This is when the Aries Goddess undergoes a complete and total metamorphosis. Like the Caterpillar in the Cocoon, she is preparing to be reborn into a completely new Archetype of the Goddess – in this case emerging as the Libra Goddess.

Take time for meditation, prayer, introspection. Surrender to the Goddess What Stands in the Way of Your Whole Hearted Embodiment of the Goddess/God You were Born to Be. Be willing to be Born Anew. Consider your intention of the new Libra Venus Cycle. Themes include: Where in my relationships – within myself, withMother Earth, my partner, my children, the God/dess, am I seeking the deepest transformation and re-balancing?

November 1: Near this date Venus first appears as Morning Star, rising in the East prior to Sunrise.

Ceremonial Action: Celebrate and Make Your Offering.
Consider now where you would like to see Venus as Morning star for the first time on or after November 1. 
Consider finding a sacred site near you with a good eastern view for Sunrise. Otherwise anywhere you can view the sunrise is perfect. Set aside a morning for ceremony and go out about 90 minutes before sunrise to honor Venus. Please note that it is possible, depending on your horizon line and latitude that Morning Star Venus will become visible at a later date up to a week or more after heliacal rise.  

Choose an offering to the Goddess. Make Your Offering – Maybe your Moon Blood, tobacco, cornmeal and your heartfelt sincere prayer of gratitude. Maybe declare your intention for this Venus in Libra Cycle. For example, my intention is this: “I Now Step Into a Brand New Blueprint for Passionate Purposeful Partnership Beyond My Wildest Imaginings.”

November 1 to November 16: Venus remains bright and close to the Earth as she completes her retrograde journey. In the Inanna Journey this is when the Great Goddess is gathering her strength, preparing for her 8 month descent journey into the Underworld.

Ceremonial Action: Gather Your Forces. Now is the time to establish healthy routines and flow in your life, to strengthen yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, as you consciously prepare for your initiation.

See article on the Venus Cycle and Inanna Myth:

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