Restoring our Primal Bonds:
Libra Meta Goddess as Guide for 2020

by Tami Brunk

The time is now, on the cusp of 2020, to tune our inner ear to the call of the Goddess. She who arrives to mend primal bonds severed through 5000 years of Patriarchy. She who restores Sacred Connection by bridging the gulf between Heart and Head, Earth and Sky, Spirit and Matter, Feminine and Masculine.

She who is the peacemaker and mender of broken hearts. She is stirring within all of us.  Will you offer yourself to be her voice to speak for those who have no voice, her hands to heal the nations, her feet to walk the path of beauty and truth? Will you embody her peacemaking medicine now?

Attune your life pattern to the rhythm of the Guiding Goddess of our current Venus Cycle—the Libra Goddess. She is calling now, appearing in many guises and under many names. To some she appears as Hera, or Juno, mending the wound between woman and man. To others, she appears as Sekhmet the Healed, awakening fierce compassion and healing love from the ashes of destruction.

She may appear in your visions as Isis, who recalls and re-ignites our magical powers. Or Mary Magdalene, whose temple wisdom invokes sacred spiritual union between the God and Goddess within, without. Here on Turtle Island you may encounter her in dreams as Jigonhsasee, peace bringer to the warring nations.

Our current Libra Venus Cycle began November 1, 2018 and completes June 8, 2020. The Libra Meta Goddess offers the most direct, clear, and empowered guidance for our 2020 initiation and beyond. Because she has emerged from a century guided by the Scorpio Meta Goddess and has been informed through 2019 by the Jupiter Neptune Square, she is of bone and blood yet spirit-oriented, cerebral yet full of feeling. And She is We.  We can live her truth through our words and actions now.

She is also sovereign, due to her rise as Morning Star, direct station and appearance September 19 as Evening Star all aligned with Spica and Zaniah–two of the major stars in the Virgin Priestess constellation.

Restoring the Primal Bond: The Most Essential Relationship We Must Heal

This Libra Venus Cycle first confronts us with the areas where we are out of right relationship with the world around us—and within us. The Morning Star and Underworld phase are about actively facing, dismantling and healing the wound of the Relational Goddess.

The Evening Star Journey from Fall Equinox through June 2020 is about emerging as the empowered and healed Relational Goddess, reclaiming and restoring her and bringing her into the world in a wholehearted way.

During the Morning Star and Underworld phase for many of us the core work has been to bond with and reparent ourselves—an impulse deepened by North Node in Cancer. The Libra Goddess can be seen behind the proliferation of modalities such as “Parts Work” and theories around Attachment styles. We are seeing and feeling the many ways our early childhood experiences caused us to neglect, abandon, or abuse ourselves, deepening our inner split.  The medicine has been to learn compassion for self and the tools of active and ongoing self-parenting.

We have also personally and collectively been working to heal the relationship between men and women, a process highlighted with Venus and Mars together in the Underworld over the summer. Much of this work in the Morning Star Phase and Underworld has been internal, as we are called to face the areas within ourselves and our family histories where violence and separation between masculine and feminine has played out.  This is sometimes felt as a profound absence of one polarity and overdevelopment of the other. 

At the heart of this Libra Venus Morning Star and Underworld Phase we have had to face and reckon with the wound beneath all other wounds.  And that is the breaking of the fundamental bond between the human species and the rest of life.  We have had to face the profound loneliness and devastating consequence of living as a species believing itself to be separate and superior to the rest of Creation.

Mending the Broken Human Heart: Restoring Our Primal Bonds

Since the beginning of the Libra Venus Cycle November 1, 2019, our collective hearts have been breaking with one devastating and horrific event after another demonstrating the great cost of our separation from each other and all Creation. Children in concentration camps. Mass shootings. Voices at the top promoting misogyny and white supremacy and xenophobia.

As I write the Amazon and great jungles of Africa are ablaze as the result of climate change and very deliberate policies of world leaders to continue extracting resources for profit in our most vital remaining reserves and lands of indigenous people. We are left stunned with the ultimate consequence of our separation from Gaia, from the heart of the Earth.  Before our relationship to other humans comes our relationship with Earth herself.

And that is the primal bond the Libra Goddess is urging us to repair, at every level, as she appears as Evening Star, as the Initiated Relational Goddess, ready for the journey of strengthening and empowerment to foster a culture of peace of mutual care, and restorative love for Earth and all our relations.

Lakota Elder Joseph Marshall gave this perspective in a Sounds True interview with Tami Simon:

What is most important for people to understand is how we relate to other forms of life. We, as human beings, are no better or no worse than any other form of life. Whether it is a shrub or a bird or a snake or any other form of life, we are equal because all of us are born into this life: We live our lives, fulfill our purposes, and then our lives end. And no creature, no form of life—especially us humans—can circumvent that one reality. That’s what makes us all equal. We don’t regard humans as having dominion. We don’t regard ourselves as being the one species that is in charge of all other species. We are no more and no less. That is the one reality that I think the world needs to understand in relationship to the Earth. Most people do not accept that—they look at life from a different viewpoint. That has an impact on how we treat one another, how we treat other forms of life, and how we treat the Earth. I think if there is one thing that other people can learn from the Lakota, it is that understanding.

Peacemaking in the Evening Star Libra Venus Phase

The Libra Morning Star and Underworld Journey have shown us clearly what we must collectively face and release if we are to continue to inhabit this precious, gorgeous Earth. We have been shown in a million ways that we must release and heal our habit of separation, fear and othering so we can foster a culture of peace where there has been endless battle, within and without.

Jigonhsasee lived in a dark time much like our own of profound violence, brutality and a forgetfulness of the vital threads of connection that sustain the human community and all of life. She lived at the intersection of the five warring tribes who continually plundered the land and attacked each other, creating a culture of pain and suffering for everyone. Yet she, like so many women and men who keep the flame of the relational feminine alive within their hearts, created a space where peace could flourish in the midst of violence.

Her home was a crossroads where warriors from the five warring tribes could come, break bread and share the pain in their hearts, and remember their humanity. When the Great Peacemaker arrived on the lands of the Haudenessee, and enlisted the help of Hiawatha to gather the people to heal the wounds and establish a new order of peace, they built upon the foundation already established by this wise woman, to nourish the seeds she had already planted, to grow the Great Peace Tree, beneath whose roots each of the five tribes threw their weapons, when the Great Law of Peace was established.

So it is that each of us is called to name, claim and nourish the seeds of peace and well being we have been tending in such dark times, within ourselves and in the world around us. And this includes the precious seeds of awakening within us to the fundamental experience of intimate relationship with All of Life on Planet Earth. May we call alive within each of us our indigenous ancestors and our Earth-loving descendants to guide us through the threshold between 2019 and 2020 and beyond, establishing a culture of peace, harmony, and right relationship with all Creation.

Tools to Ceremonially Engage Evening Star Libra Venus

The most essential work we can do now, preparing for Venus’s journey as Libra Evening Star, is to connect.  To reconnect with our feeling human hearts. To restore the bonds with those humans closest to us in soul and in space.  To restore the bonds between ourselves and the land and sky where we live. To restore our connection to the Great Heart of Humanity and our potential as a Peace Making species. 

It is time to elevate our consciousness to the level of the heart. The pivotal moment in the Haudenessee Confederacy origination story is where we meet Hiawatha, a “fallen man” who has just killed his enemy and is preparing a stew of his body.  He looks into the pot and sees the reflection of the Great Peacemaker, who is standing above him.  This being, who is filled with light and consciousness, reminds Hiawatha of his true nature.

He remembers who he is. He remembers his connection with all things.  His heart is re-awakened and he becomes translator and emissary to the Great Peacemaker, acting as his hands and feet to bring the warring tribes to peace.  In our daily life we must cultivate practices that shift our focus of awareness from survival and fear to connection, peace and love.  This may on a practical level have to do with regular Chi Kung, breathwork, tapping and other practices that support us in shifting from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.

It may also have to do with making a habit of surrounding ourselves with people and ideas that foster within us a feeling of belonging and inclusivity and remind us of that thread in the human story so we can grow and build on that rather than the story of separation. Restoring the bond will also ultimately mean choosing to go out into the world in some way—however that looks for us—and making our presence as a peacemaker in service to a caring culture known and felt.  This is the time for us to gather and reconnect, not isolate.  First within ourselves.

What gives me greatest hope, inspired by Uranus in Taurus, is that we will come to discover, as we root down to connect more deeply with ourselves and reach out to connect more intimately with each other and this ecstatic living Earth, is that this is the very best way to live.  My hope is that once we simply stop the torturous cycle of self-abuse, neglect, and disconnection from community and Earth, we will remember the very simple primal joy of being alive, connected to the most essential things.

And in that joyful reconnection, we will access reserves of strength and power to sustain us in the months and years to come, as we actively and consciously choose a new and ancient way of harmony, peace and deepest connection with all Creation, animated by the breath and radiance of the Relational Goddess herself, who lives in each human being and awaits only our summoning to bring her alive within us.

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