The Alchemy of Venus: Attuning to the Goddess Changes Everything

As a Shamanic Astrologer and Active Dreamer I see that life takes on greater vibrancy and congruence when lived as a “Call and Response” game. We hear Great Mystery calling to us through our dreams and visions, synchronicity and coincidence, and the movements of the Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars.

We respond by paying attention to these messages from Great Mystery and then bringing them down and into physical form through our life choices, ceremony, and active play. This game, like all others, is the MOST FUN and meaning-filled when we find Our Tribe we can play with! Then we begin to interweave our dreaming and create fields of intent to uplift one another and we open to support from the higher powers.

For me, Venus is one of the Greatest Initiators into this Sacred Game.

Since apprenticing to Venus 6 years ago, a new-yet-ancient mode of reverential living has become ever more natural and in my flow.  I have begun to truly live Life as Ceremony.  My journey began when I guided participants through the entire 584-day Scorpio Venus Synodic Cycle as an initiatory process.  It deepened even more when I brought this awareness into my personal 40-year Venus Return during the Gemini Venus Cycle of 2012-2014.

Through the Venus Initiation: We are All Inanna

Me and CAyelinYet it was when Cayelin Castell and I birthed our “Through Inanna’s Gates Teleclas Series” that I began to sense and feel the possibilities for fully aligning with the Feminine Divine as a way of life.  Through this course we lead participants through the entire 19-month (584 day) Venus Synodic Cycle guided by the sacred narrative of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna and her Descent to the Underworld.

From the beginning, Cayelin and I have had a feeling of being buoyed by powers greater than ourselves.
 We quickly recognized that in this Capricorn Venus Cycle the Circle of the Grandmothers were behind the scenes, calling in the people who would benefit most from the experience, and providing us with new insights and understanding of how this ancient cycle worked.

In our current Leo Venus Cycle we have been guided to work powerfully with Sekhmet as well as the Circle of the Grandmothers. We and many within our extended tribe in this Venus Initiation see our current time in the Underworld period as being “in the Belly of the Goddess,” experiencing intensity yet supported deeply in this ceremonial death and renewal process.

My life has changed irrevocably, and I think it is safe to say that is true for Cayelin and many of the 200 + men and women who have engaged deeply with this sacred initiation. I can see that my life rhythm is more often than not in sync with a deeper pattern at play, attuned to the Goddess within and without.

I have come to see Inanna as the Meta-Goddess whose field we step into in order to understand deeper orders of reality. Through Her we become more masterful at CHOOSING to face our life initiations with courage, strength, awareness, and the deeper knowing that we are supported on our path.

I am Inanna. You are Inanna.  We are All Inanna.

Like Her, we are powerful, light-filled InannaSpirits born into this realm of duality and polarity. Like her, we have chosen to descend into matter, to inhabit a physical body and form. Like her, the cost of embodiment is a continual shedding of layers of forgetfulness until we come home into our feminine  souls, where we remember and gather again the wisdom and compassion we have gained in previous incarnations.

Like her, we each have access to yang and yin, feminine and masculine essence, and both must be developed in order for us to come into spiritual maturity on our path. By bringing conscious awareness to each Chakra Gate and each step along the Inanna Initiation path, we draw down an experience of magic and fulfillment that deepens through each cycle.

Because we are engaging this Venus Initiation as a collective, we have been cross-fertilizing our experiences and all of us are gaining a greater awareness of the true nature of the Morning Star, Underworld, and Evening Star Phases. We have also created a field of intent much bigger than any one of us for support in our individual life journeys through this class series.

Venus/Inanna has now completed her Underworld Initiation and has risen, as of July 13, 2016 as Evening Star.  Cayelin and I are thrilled to be initiating the Leo Evening Star Teleclass Series where 75 of us have already gathered for this collective ceremony honoring the journey of the Sophia Feminine, Evening Star Goddess in Leo, coming into her (and our!) wisdom and authentic feminine power, rooted in Leo Sovereignty and Self Love.