FREE Introduction to
Your Emerging Feminine Identity (women)

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We are so excited you are beginning our Venus Journey discovering more about how your Divine Feminine expression is intended to show up for you!

The Venus/Inanna Journey below takes you through the entire cycle of Venus as told through the story of Inanna. Plus, find out more about your personal Venus with the Handouts offered below.

Also be sure to check out the Videos on the Grandmothers. These videos were offered as part of a Summit in preparing for 2020 AND all that was shared then is relevant (if not more so ) NOW!

We have ongoing Venus Alchemy classes including our Ceremonial Venus Series that  engages the Venus Cycle each step of the way as an initatory ceremony. The evening star starts in May, 2021 with details coming soon.

Our popular Venus Signature Series helps you to deeply understand all the facets of your personal Venus Signature and you receive tools to figure it out for others too!

More about our Venus Signature  Series and our Current Ceremonial Venus Series HERE

Find your Venus Meta Goddess and when your next Venus Return is happening Venus Overtones (Meta Goddess) from 1921 to 2042

Find the Sign of your Natal Venus or What Sign Venus Was in When you Were Born Venus Signs from 1920 to 2020

Venus/Inanna Journey - 27 Minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

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Hello everyone – I was just reviewing our class video from last powerful gathering. Thank you all for your vulnerable sharings. This is my 2nd journey with you as I did the Libra Evening Star journey last year and there has such a different feel to it. I am so appreciating getting to know Venus and her cycle in this way. It’s really helping to deepen my astrology practice and knowledge so a big thank you to you all as your questions and deep and meaningful discussions add immensely to this experience. Trish

Thank you so much for your Venus information. The way you break it down and tie it into the ancient myth of Inanna really makes it come alive for me! Diane S.

I love the Venus Journey and the Videos on the Grandmothers are excellent! I feel you have given me sacred keys to a more intimate sense of Venus. I feel a much greater understanding of her cycle through Inanna’s story. I am so excited to track Venus through the sky and am looking forward to my next Venus return. I am grateful for all you are doing to bring these mysteries to life!