Morning Star Third Eye Chakra – 2nd Venus Gate

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Be sure to watch the Video on the Brow Chakra before the live class replay.  


Third Eye Chakra Video

51 minutes (re-recorded in 2020)

6th Chakra Morning Star Release PDF

 Live Class Video for the Third Eye Chakra

Download Live Class PDF of Slides Here

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The video below on Sekhmet has some fascinating insights
about Sekhmet and her connection fo the 3rd Eye Chakra! 

Bonus Content and Additional Resources

Toning with Claudette Thomas

Find more links and a Video from Claudette at:

2nd Gate Brow/Third Chakra PDF from Claudette:

Tonal Energy Link with Video and other links from Claudette 



Additional Links:

I am the Serpent Bearer Dream Mentioned in the 6th Chakra Release Video

Sky Woman Creation Story
 This is a different version of the story told in the Venus Temple Journey

AND The Magic of Ceremonial Hiking to follow up on the theme of creating and participating with Magic

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