Rave Reviews from Participants
in the Ceremonial Venus Series and Signature Series

All of the testimonials and inspiring feedback were unsolicited beginning in 2014! We are truly grateful for all those who have shared with us their experience of the Venus Journey and the Venus Signature Series over the years. We have continued to receive amazing feedback and will occassionally update this page with new ones! Thank you to everyone who has shared with us how powerful and magical these classes are! It helps us to know we are on the right track with these offerings!

Hi dear Cayelin ~ I want to let you know how much I am benefitting from our Grandmother’s Venus Circle. The unseen support I am receiving is phenomenal. I’m so glad I answered the call to this sacred gathering…it feels perfect for what I currently need. Also, in addition to their informative value, I want to tell you how supporting, soothing, and comforting your meditations are for me. Your vibration is that of an angel, you’ve such a gentle resonance that speaks so lovingly to my heart.

Thank you both for this sacred journey and how you hold the sacred space for each of us. Sharon Fallon Shreve http://illuminedways.com

“The feeling was extremely STRONG for me to begin the 2022 Venus Synodic Journey with Venus Alchemy during the MetaGoddess in Capricorn timing.

At age 64, it was my own 8th Venus Return Journey – which I learned as the first leg of Venus as Morning Star unfolded.

I had no idea the impact this 19-month journey would have on me, both personally and professionally! I

’ve been studying/reading Astrology for over 23 years, and learned SO MUCH more about Astronomy and Fixed Stars, filling the gaps to my own astrological knowledge.

After completing the majority of this Venus in Capricorn/The Elder cycle, my Key Take Aways are:
1) my addiction to DOING! Huge – o my – and 2) the need for daily Self-Care – physically, emotionally, mentally  and spiritually, and
3) reconnecting to my Spiritual Self/practice/connections that had gone by the wayside due to 9 years of caregiving several family members through their death/dying processes.

And Magically, the supporting role of both the South Lunar Node in Scorpio/North Lunar Node in Taurus to ensure we all RELEASED the Old – especially for me – of Past Life/Ancestral patterns that I had not been conscious of holding onto – I felt I was dying unto myself quite deeply during the Venus Descent/Underworld phases.

This is a truly MAGICAL process – not to be taken lightly. If your Intuition is calling out for this Self/Soul growth process – heed the call! What Cayelin and Tami started and now Sheridan is furthering – WOW! It will not disappoint! Namaste”

Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Facilitator – Okotoks, Alberta, Canada https://www.laurieraeshouseofastrology.com

OMG! Thank you SO MUCH – the work you both have done over the years – wow lady! I am now very much more comfortable with the Astronomy portion of this cycle. It was very good to SEE each Stage of the Venus cycle separately too with your graphic that works so well to visualize the path/journey Venus takes with both the Moon and Sun, and Morning/Evening skies. 
THIS Venus Alchemy course is just what the Dr ordered! Spiritually speaking, it is healing me in ways I’d not known were needing medicine! LOL! ~ Laurie

Wow this Venus Journey has been really a deep journey into love and connection with my grandmothers and with my essence. I am loving each minute of this course, the videos, the meditations, the songs and all the “Treasure” 😊

When I enter to the materials I feel I am entering the treasure chamber. I am so excited as a child in Christmas Eve because every time I discover something new and my soul gets so much nourished.

Thank you!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! 🌸🌸🌸 Love and gratitude, Isa

This class is fantastic. I think that the two of you are AMAZING, or should I say AMAZON WOMEN, for giving and sharing with us. My brain and heart are in full gear for the new beginning. I bow to the wonder in both of you. ~Emma Waner

Thank you dear Cayelin and Tami for the fabulous classes and handouts and the amazing way you are holding this space for all of us. Thank you so much for all you are both offering. It is huge. It is rocking and transforming my life. ~Kathleen McIntire

The Venus Ceremonial Journey Series and the Venus Signature Series were a profound experience that deepened my knowledge and experience with the Inanna myth, adding a dimension to the Divine Feminine mysteries that is at once revelatory, new and yet ancient. Brava to Cayelin, Tami and the Shamanic Astrology lineage for bringing us this missing link. I am so grateful and blessed to receive and partake of this knowledge and these mysteries. Kathy Stanley, M.A. Energy Medicine Practitioner SacredArtJourneys.com

What fun! I needed this positive insight and all the sharing. I agree with the person who shared about feeling so connected to everyone. I to, envision everyone taking this journey with me…whenever I see beauty. Thank you. Rhonda

I have been blessed with a day to explore and listen to all the recordings that we have been gifted with – thanks Cayelin, and Tami! Every month these meditations and activations are such a treat and so profound! ~ Suzan Steinberg

The videos for the chakras are wonderful! It really helps me to have the information separated into digestible segments. You are both so generous with information and always adding in new content that is so incredibly helpful. Thanks for all the work you do and for making it interesting in new formats to support this journey!   ~Mary

I am so thankful for this online course. Without it, I would be going through all of this and have no idea why or that others were experiencing similar things or how to handle it all. So, I know my Higher Power, the Grandmothers, my Angels and all supreme beings are watching out for me. Plus, What an amazingly powerful FaceBook group!! I am awe-struck at the caliber of people responding and sharing. WOW!!! As a teacher, to have this kind of response between students was always considered the best.

I sense that something truly remarkable is happening here and I am looking forward to see how this all turns out for us all. It feels very magical. I believe we are in the embryo stages of a miracle!  ~Karen Salvador

I have been dancing with Venus and the Full Moon in Thailand where I live and I am feeling more femenine than ever, lol! Also connecting with my name, Mar means sea in Spanish!!! and I love it! Thank you, Cayelin and Tami, for being my teachers, I am learning so much and the more I learn about astrology the more I feel that I am called to revive these myths into being.

I was always very attracted to mythology since I was a teenager and now it is making so much sense, I was meant to participate in the creation and recreation of myths from the past to the future generations.

I  am going for  Full Certification with SAMS and I so thank you for showing this path to me. I had a very intense and deep year last year and working with the Venus class gave me the understanding I needed to let go of a lot of past stories and suffering, that were not serving me anymore. This has been so magical.

Each chakra gate was exactly synchronized with what I was experiencing. I still feel it is part of me but I can feel it in a more liberated manner and more as a blessing to help others who experience similar stories so I can stop fighting against myself and begin dreaming a better world into being. Discovering that I have my Venus in Aries in the Underworld with Gemini Metagoddess makes so much sense.

I have even enjoyed the journey to the underworld because it made me feel so alive. I am looking forward to start this next phase, trusting it is giving me  more insight as I communicate with others what I have learned in the past few years. ~Mar Guerrero http://www.marguerrero.net/info/

Taking this class for my age 48 Venus Return was the most inspired action I could have taken. The journey re-weaved my soul and the fabric of life seems richer and more magical these days. Never before following someone’s lead has been more empowering. Cayelin and Tami are superb, loving and wise teachers and guides into the mysteries of Sky and Earth. Anyone who strives to find their essence needs to take this class. ~ Cristina van Bladel www.ethericdesigns.com

OMG the classes you are doing are simply amazing, almost too much to keep up with here in the Between time of the Underworld. You two are doing such important work IMHO (In My Humble Opinion). With all we’re doing with this signature series and Venus Journey class, I want to say it’s not like it’s not already crazy with being full into my Venus return, coming to know I’m born at the 8th Gate and what that does to how I understand myself and effing doing it, loving myself and knowing that I rock (Leo Venus overtone)! Nancy

I just want to share what profound value this journey you organize carries for me. Thank you for your investment of time and experience and mostly for holding the space for this intimate connection with self and skies to take place. I am gaining such gifts and insights and not only sense my own changes but sense the divine support and guidance by my side in such a tangible way. I remain grateful beyond words, Pam Blue

Deep bow of gratitude to Cayelin and Tami and all fellow Venus voyagers through the Libra/ Scorpio cycle. I have received so much healing, insight and am so amazed at how we can co-create with the celestial realms. I found all the classes so awesome with content and visuals. Karen O

Thank you Cayelin and Tami for your work with Venus. I studied psychology at University and have read so many self help books, taken retreats and webinars to try and understand this energy that I’ve been living with for years. Now thanks to this Venus work, I’m finally feeling seen/understood and at home with this Alchemical energy. MJ

Thank you both soooo much for your teachings – words simply are inadequate to articulate how I feel about this teaching…..Very, very profound – Although not surprising being that I am about to turn 56 and I am also coming into an 8 year in my personal cycle…..PROFOUND beyond words!!!!  Hugs and much love to you both!!!  Jennifer Barr xx

Thank you dear Cayelin and Tami for the extraordinary gift of this new perspective, I clearly needed this now! Blessings on all the knowledge and richness of love and compassion that you both share so generously. This is excellence I deeply admire – as opposed to perfection – something that does not exist! This course has been beyond wonderful and I am enjoying going through the materials again for more insights. Wow! Regina

I’m so deeply grateful for this beautiful work you two are bringing forth. Gifting me and deepening my own understanding as wells all our Sisters, children, goddesses of beautiful Mother Earth with the wild unleashed Spirit of the Divine feminine in so many infinite magic alchemies. I’ve looked at Venus often querying what exactly is she saying, until now I have found the information isnt deep enough.

For the first time, I feel so deeply in love with her, with her cycle, with the rightfully Divine light of lights that she is, loving how we can now participate in wild circulation. I am so grateful to have this profound deep glimpse of knowing. I feel I have been given a gift that we deeply internally weep to find. Thank you Cayelin and Tami for your deeply incredible body of Venusian birthing and enlightening – Dreaming into the Magic!  Beth Ylvisaker

Thank you for being outstanding guides…I am continually dazzled by your wealth of knowledge, WOW!!!…and your capacity and capability to lovingly transmit and share this information in such a heart centered manner… it really and truly comes across… THANK YOU… I am sooo LOVING riding the crest of this cutting edge work with you and our group… I am honored to share the space! D.R.

Thank you again for guiding us on this most incredible journey. ~ Lyn

It’s been a radical! and sometimes tumultuous journey so far for me in this Venus Return; a lot of life changes and experiences to navigate, yet, every step of the way I have felt profoundly supported by you, Cayelin and Tami and the sacred container that is Venus Alchemy. I have been brought more clearly into focus around the Sacred Work that is truly mine to do and I am so grateful.   ~ Elizabeth Y.

We are all in this together. It is a trying yet promising time in the world. Women joining hearts is a powerful force of beauty. I’ve had a lot of wounding from women in my life. This strong, beautiful circle is offering such healing of old wounds. Surely, the divine feminine energy from our collective is radiating to others as we each move about in our daily lives. Alisé A

Thank you to my awesome Venus travellers and to our amazing guides, Cayelin and Tami. I have loved you all through this whole process and wish to thank you for the sacred, safe container you have held for us. I have signed to join the next circle to assist me as I step into and claim my full divine Leo self. ~Denise

Wow, what an amazing and transformative class this has been! Many thanks to both of you for an Outstanding Job. By FAR, THE BEST Shamanic Astrology class I have taken, EVER! Even more interesting for me, having it be a teleclass did not make one tiny bit of difference than in the” old days.”  ~ Liz Montrey

Thank you beautiful, powerful, so very present and potent Morning Star Venus Community and all the support that encircles us from Above and Below. ~ Liz

There are not enough words to describe this journey for me – it has been profound, initiating, life changing, soul changing, and transformational. ~Kathryn

I am so glad I am taking this course and am in this community. It probably has saved my sanity and brought me such pleasure in learning the story of Inanna. Having this teaching has made the journey into the underworld through the chakras so rich. I have so loved what you have shared here…  ~Adele Michal

I have so LOVED this Venus Journey… you both are so brilliant and so caring :-)!!! I feel so blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to have you two as my beloved guides… THANK YOU beyond words!!!  ~ Diane

Cayelin that meditation was incredibly powerful…wow – just wanted to honour the magic of that!! And to both you ladies Tami/Cayelin – thank you for the teaching, the classes, holding the space… this one is beautiful, big juicy, and profound for me (for everyone I am sure!!)… got so much from it! JUST WANTED TO SEND THE LOVE BACK XXX ~Kyrona

Both of you, and this community, never cease to amaze me!! The content created, together with the rich sharing is always such a profound and magically relevant resource. Thanks for being a beacon of light, love, and optimism during these crazy times!!! With gratitude and love, Ilene

I feel I really did some deep throat chakra clearing during the journeys for the throat Chakra descent class. It feels like it may have cleared lineage issues for me in this chakra. Always amazed and wowed by all of the beautiful work you two Venus Vision Carriers are bringing forth. ~Robyn

I have to say this Venus Alchemy class has been life changing for me, beyond all my expectations. Thank you for holding such an amazing space for personal transformation with intention, depth, enthusiasm and passion for the work and information. It’s rare to find people who are in impeccable alignment with themselves and their sacred work and I am truly grateful for what you do. MM


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