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The Amazing and Incredible Venus Cycle

Brief 12-minute Overview of the Magical Cycle

The Alchemy and Magic of the Venus Cycle

Taking a deeper dive into the Venus cycle – 67 minutes

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Older Videos Below

Cayelin and Tami Share Insights about 2020
From the Perspective of Grandmother Wisdom and Guidance 

Morning Star Libra Live Ceremonial Journey

Cayelin and Tami Share Insights about 2020 From the Perspective of the Grandmothers in the next 2 videos – reuploading soon

Ceremonial Considerations for the Venus Cycle – 49 minutes

Venus Retrograde with Cayelin and Tami – 27 minutes

Venus Retrograde Follow up Q and A with and special insights into the March 4 to April 15 2017 Venus Retrograde. Very Fun.

An Overiew of the Venus in Aries Synodic Cycle – 24 minutes

Warrior Women Past and Present with Cayelin and Tami

Tami and Gemini Brett in 2016

Cayelin and Gemini Brett in June 2016

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Leo Ceremonial Journey

Ceremonial Journeying With the Leo Meta-Goddess as she Descends and Ascends through the Chakra Gates.

No Previous Knowledge of Astrology is Necessary to engage this intimate and life changing initiation deepening your connection to the Sacred Feminine within and without!

Explore Your Venus Signature!

How would it feel and what would it take to further enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward joyfully living your soul’s purpose? 

Updated Venus Signature Series Now with 14 Classes
Diving Even Deeper Into
Your Personal Venus Signature. 

Get Your Personal Venus Reading

Dive one on one into your specific Venus signature and astrological chart. What aspects of the Feminine are you here to learn about and share with us all? 

Where does Venus fit into your entire natal chart and your Soul's evolutionary path of growth, empowerment and transformation?

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