We are complete devotees to the Divine Feminine! We’re guessing you are too, since you have landed here. We’re so happy to welcome you!

For us, following Venus as the Goddess symbol of the Sacred Feminine has been a life enhancing, life changing, powerful journey. We know it can be for you too!

We have helped hundreds of women and a few brave men tune more deeply into their Divine Feminine expression. Connecting with Venus provides a conscious path to help us step more deeply into our unique Feminine Expression for women and the potent inner Feminine Power for men.

Over the last many years we have co-created a vibrant, supportive community that is contributing to the healthy re-emergence of the Divine Feminine within each of us and in our collective reality.

Venus has long been revered as the Divine Feminine, both as a Goddess (with many names) and as the brightest planet in the sky. The Greeks called her Aphrodite and the Romans called her Venus. However, her lineage goes back to the beginning of time.

In ancient Sumer, she was known as Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. In fact, these are the first writings we have of Venus, from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets, written in cuneiform.

The mythic story of Inanna literally describes the movement of Venus as she travels through the sky in her various phases from the time she rises as Morning Star, then travels with the Sun and then rises as Evening Star before going retrograde and returning to the morning sky.

We trace this ancient “myth” through our modern astronomy and astrology. Subscribing to the ancient philosophy of “As Above, So Below” we ceremonially engage with the Venus cycle, as our ancestors once did.

This is a powerful and magical practice that brings those of us engaging with this journey into greater alignment with the Divine Feminine energy which we are here to embody and embrace, helping to midwife the rebirth of the Feminine into her rightful place!

Empower Your Divine Feminine!

3 Ways to Join Us

Venus Ceremonial Journey

Engage in an empowering Ceremonial Journey with Venus and the Divine Feminine. Connect with the most ancient Goddess energies, empowering the Divine Feminine within.

Track Venus through the sky while healing your chakras. Exponentially increase your intention and experience through the power of group intention.  

Your Unique Venus Signature

Discover your intended individual Divine Feminine expression through the Venus over-story at the time of your birth. 

Go beyond the sign Venus was in and uncover where Venus was at within the bigger picture of her ancient, sacred cycle to better understand your unique Goddess soul path.

Venus Astrology Readings

One on one readings – take a deep dive into all things Venus on your astrological chart.

Walk away with valuable information to work more consciously with the unique Divine Feminine expression your Soul is here to step into.

More about our 3 Venus offerings

Journey with Venus in Ceremony

New Leo Cycle Starts August 2023

Join our Ceremonial Journey with Venus – our Divine Feminine expression, through the interior and exterior skies. Follow the most ancient myth through the chakras, descending and ascending from the underworld into the celestial.

Empower the Goddess by reclaiming the Feminine within you, healing and empowering yourself all along the journey.

Connect with others dedicated to this spiritual and life-changing path.

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Your Individual Venus Signature

Ongoing – Join Anytime

Venus is so much more than a sign on your chart. You were born within a specific Venus cycle at a certain magical time.

Your Venus Signature is intended to teach you about the Divine Feminine expression within you that is rebirthing into the present world.

Learn how this “signature” informs your soul’s path. Learn what it means for your life path as you reclaim and bring those much needed energies back into your life and the world now.

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Personal Venus Readings

Schedule at your convenience with Cayelin or Sheridan

Dive into your specific Venus signature and astrological chart through the lens of Alchemical Astrology.

What aspects of the Feminine are you here to learn about and share with us all? How does she help bring you back into wholeness within yourself and the world at large?

Where does Venus fit into your entire natal chart and your Soul’s evolutionary path of growth, empowerment and transformation?

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Life Changing for Me


I have to say this Venus Alchemy class has been life changing for me, beyond all my expectations. Thank you for holding such an amazing space for personal transformation with intention, depth, enthusiasm and passion for the work and information. It’s rare to find people who are in impeccable alignment with themselves and their sacred work. I am truly grateful for what you do. 

- MM

Cayelin and Sheridan

Guiding you into greater empowerment of your Divine Feminine, your Goddess expression through Venus

Cayelin K Castell

Creator of Celestial Timings, Alchemical Astrologer and Divine Creation/Magdalene High Priestess

Cayelin Castell is the co-founder of Venus Alchemy, My Star Alchemy and the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. In March of 1995 Cayelin was initiated into an Awakening the Priestess Within Process she completed in December of that year.

From there she became a Magdalene High Priestess in 1997 and a Divine Creation High Priestess in 2008 – all in the lineage of Nicole Christine.

Inspired by her Priestess work she has been coaching clients to ceremonially engage the Venus Cycle since the mid-1990s.

Sheridan Semple

Alchemical Astrologer, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Artist

I know firsthand how aligning ourselves with our ancestral ways brings us into communion with the cycles of the earth. Consciously connecting to the natural world around us provides insight and gives meaning to our lives, just as it did for our ancestors. We aren’t any different. We’re just remembering now.

My calling is helping others to utilize earth and sky medicines to find themselves. Through Shamanic Astrology, I guide my clients and students into a deeper understanding of who they truly are why they are here. I’m constantly in awe by the ways that connecting to nature and the cosmos can heal us and lead us to the path we came here to walk. That’s powerful!

Happy Students

I’m so deeply grateful for this beautiful work you two are bringing forth. Gifting me and deepening my own understanding as wells all our Sisters, children, goddesses of beautiful Mother Earth with the wild unleashed Spirit of the Divine feminine in so many infinite magic alchemies. I am so grateful to have this profound deep glimpse of knowing. I feel I have been given a gift that we deeply internally weep to find.

-Beth Ylvisaker

Taking this class for my age 48 Venus Return was the most inspired action I could have taken. The journey re-weaved my soul and the fabric of life seems richer and more magical these days. Never before following someone’s lead has been more empowering.

Anyone who strives to find their essence needs to take this class. 

-Cristina van Bladel

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