Magic and Mystery of the Leo Venus Cycle

August 19, 2023 to
March 28, 2025

The Magic and Mystery of the Leo Venus Cycle video

We would LOVE to have you join us for our Ceremonial Journey through the Leo Venus Cycle!

Journey with the Leo Sovereign Queen Goddess

Embrace Healthy Self-Love

Are you ready to Empower your Inner Divine Feminine expression?

Are you ready to Claim and Embrace your Inner Queen Goddess?

Are you ready to release whatever is in the way of you Loving Yourself?

Are you ready to step into your inherent Divinity and Creativity?

Yes? We would LOVE to have you join us as we journey with the Sacred Leo Venus cycle!


Resources we discussed during the live gathering or in the question and sharing time afterwards

Find where you were born in the Venus Cycle in Cayelin’s document

Which cycle is your Meta-Goddess? Are you a Morning Star, Underworld or Evening Star? Which Chakra were you born at, if any?

The Three Phases of Any Venus Retrograde Cycle Video

Sekhmet is Venus with the Sun a Personal Story

The Magic and Alchemy of Annular Solar Eclipses and the Ring of Fire

Thanks for joining us! We love sharing this information with you!
We are so passionate about Venus and the Divine Feminine!!