Venus Alchemy Classes

IMG_0138All Venus Alchemy classes invite you to experience the ceremonial, initiatory dimension of Venus relating to our personal lives while also benefitting the greater collective. See the current list of Classes on this page.

Our Very Popular Ceremonial Initiation Journey with Venus Class Series

New Venus Cycle begins April 15 Monthly Live Series Began and ends in November 2017. Join Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk on a guided journey through the Leo Venus Evening Star Cycle, a profound initiation of ascent and rebirth. During the Ascent the intent is to reclaim and regain a healthy relationship with each chakra energy, therefore it is a time of resurrection and renewal. So the Evening Star Teleclass Series has a ceremonial focus to support the intent of this part of the cycle, that is further magnified by our collective intention.

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Our Getting Personal with the Goddess 8 Class Series is complete, uploaded and ready to engage.

This series invites a more direct experience of the Goddess as she uniquely expresses through each of us. We are each here to bring forward a unique, never before seen, incarnation of the Goddess as we are all making an evolutionary leap at this dawning of a new era. Topics in this series include: Your Venus Star Phase* Getting to know your Meta-Goddess* Illuminating the Goddess Within* and Discovering your Master Teachers and Guides.*

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