Restoring Our Primal Bonds: Libra MetaGoddess as Guide for 2020

The time is now, on the cusp of 2020, to tune our inner ear to the call of the Goddess. She who arrives to mend primal bonds severed through 5000 years of Patriarchy. She who restores Sacred Connection by bridging the gulf between Heart and Head, Earth and Sky, Spirit and Matter, Feminine and Masculine.

Reclaiming the True Power of Venus Retrograde

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Taking the Quantum Leap During Venus Retrograde

Evening Star Venus stationed retrograde March 4, preparing to pass between the Earth and the Sun from our view.

With Venus completing a 19 month Leo Synodic Cycle, the Leo Meta Goddess, Sovereign Feminine, Vision Carrier Woman has fully emerged into our world, strengthened by the North Node moving into Leo in June and a Leo Total Solar Eclipse happening in August.

Thirteen days after Evening Star Leo Goddess completes her Underworld initiatory journey……

The Alchemy of Venus: Attuning to the Goddess Changes Everything

As a Shamanic Astrologer and Active Dreamer I see that life takes on greater vibrancy and congruence when lived as a “Call and Response” game. We hear Great Mystery calling to us through our dreams and visions, synchronicity and coincidence, and the movements of the Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars.