BONUS Videos for Your Venus Journey

Welcome to this bonus offering for the Venus class series.
We are so excited you are joining us for this journey. 

Current Leo Venus Overview – 57 minutes

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Ceremonial Considerations for the Venus Cycle – 49 minutes

Two Videos Exploring Grandmother Wisdom
from the 2017 Summit on Preparing for 2020.
These Videos apply as much today
as they did when they were created.

Connecting with Grandmother Wisdom. This video explores:

Who are the Grandmothers and how do they support 2020 Visioning?

The Iroquois Confederacy and the Circle of Grandmothers

The Grandmothers Ask Questions
Asking the Grandmothers for Healing

The Cave of Initiation (Cayelin Story)
Hopi Prophecy
Owls and Grandmothers (Tami’s Story)
Guided Meditation with Owl
Grandmother’s Song

Follow Up Guidance from the Grandmothers Covering:

Grandmothers Prophecy
Valuing Grandmothers/Elders

The Bird Tribes

Healing Power of the Sacred Hoop

Personal Practice to enhance Awareness – Pema Chodron

Journaling Practice
Vision Board/Altar
Grandmothers and DNA Ancestry
Finding the Grandmother Guides within 

Overview of the 19 month Venus Cycle, with Cayelin and Tami – 52 minute

Venus Retrograde Videos