Crown Chakra 7th Gate

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PDF for the Evergreen Video Below on the Crown Chakra 7th Gate Evening Star Ascending

Additional Resources for the Crown Chakra Gate

The Star Nunki
The Star Isidis/Dschubba the Sun Passes here Nov 24 and Mercury on Nov 25/26
Vega The former Pole Star

NOTE: This entire Gate and all the way to the next Venus Cycle and Beyond the North Node is with the Pleiades The Lore and General Details of the Pleiades

Additional Articles of Interest

We are Entitled To Miracles
Sending Light Practice

Lady Liberty Atlantis Temple of the Sun Links with Invocation/Prayer

More on Lady Liberty as a Temple of the Sun


Crown Chakra Evening Star Meditation - 23 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the 7th Chakra Evening Star Meditation 
Right Click HERE

Venus Temple Crown Chakra Journey - 11 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Toning Links

Find more links and an Introductory Video from Claudette
on Chakra Toning at link below

 Crown Chakra 7th Gate Toning PDF from Claudette