Heart Chakra 4th Gate

4th Charka Gemini Evening Star PDF

Gemini Evening Heart Chakra Home Play


Call of the Wild by Kimberly Ann Johnson


Violet Flame Meditation from Arianna

More on the Violet Flame also has a link to Summit Lighthouse that Arianna mentioned


A True Blue Moon August 22
This is the 3rd one in Aquarius in the last 19 years. The next in Aquarius will be in 2032 and 2040.


The 8.8 Infinity Time Gate

Heart Chakra 4th Gate Chat

11:03:21 From Michelle Camilleri : Hi everyone, so very grateful to be here!
11:03:40 From Kelly Annette : Greetings and Love ~
11:09:33 From Deborah To
11:11:28 From Caitlin McCallum : Hello lovelies 🙂 I amm just needing to rest and listen today hope to participate in share next time 🙂 much love and heart magic to you all
11:11:51 From Deborah : Me too. Just listening today.
11:12:18 From Cami Sheppard : Me too!
11:40:13 From Naraya : I love the typo “angels” instead of “angles”!
11:40:26 From Paula Gorelick : hahah
11:49:23 From Fay Senner : The Vegas nerve is the the mycelium in our body
11:49:31 From Paula Gorelick : wow!
11:49:42 From arianna : also TRE which is Trauma Release Exercise practices includes tremoring of the large muscles….
11:49:55 From arianna www.traumarelease.org I think Dr. David Berceli
11:53:13 From Trina Brunk : especially those we feel threatened by
11:58:47 From Liliya Kondratyeva : I highly recommend “Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve: Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism” by Stanley Rosenberg. Lot’s of practical exercises to handle dorsal vagus activation. Work very well!
12:06:03 From Michael Wilson : Thank you very much.
12:13:26 From Mrs. Poole : Hi and Welcome
12:13:38 From DeArah : Nice!
12:13:54 From Mrs. Poole : Thanks
12:14:17 From Fay Senner : Very exciting, welcome Trina!
12:14:28 From Paula Gorelick : Thank you, Trina!
12:15:14 From Naraya : Thank you Trina, book me in!
12:17:43 From Cami Sheppard : Michael Meade is a wonderful storyteller
12:18:39 From Mrs. Poole : Trina, please book me in also
12:19:36 From Fay Senner : Would love to know more about the violet flame, looking forward to exploring that link you mentioned Arianna. Thank you for this.
12:20:12 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Thank you Arianna and Trina!! <3
12:21:23 From Mrs. Poole : Thanks for sharing and I Love using the Violet Flame
12:23:26 From Liliya Kondratyeva : thank you everyone. need to drop off
12:23:35 From Cami Sheppard : Sometimes it works to turn the video off
12:24:01 From Cami Sheppard : If you try turning off the video the audio usually works better
12:26:57 From Estela : My 8th venus return is next week but is moving from the solar plexus to the heart chakra, can it be like an initiation???
12:27:47 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Happy Venus 8th Venus Return Estela!! My 8th Venus return is in November!! <3
12:29:28 From Mrs. Poole : Happy Venus Return Deborah and Great Session. No is a complete Sentence! took years to practice it
12:30:42 From Genevieve Chavez Mitchell : Thank you Monika, looking forward to see you soon!
12:34:27 From Fay Senner : Happy Venus return Estela and Deborah, wishing you both many blessings on this special transit.
12:34:47 From Trina Brunk : yep
12:35:23 From Estela : Thanks Fay, blessings for you too
12:35:49 From Trina Brunk : so grateful Cami that you are putting all this in words. (((hugs)))
12:39:53 From Trina Brunk : sending hugs Naraya!!!
12:40:17 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : sending you hugs Naraya and lots of love! <3
12:41:01 From Mrs. Poole : yes
12:41:54 From Trina Brunk : it‚ is really easy to love you
12:43:09 From Paula Gorelick : and when can I come visit you? 😉
12:43:13 From Mrs. Poole : congrats and blessing
12:43:33 From Trina Brunk : ooooh celebrating with you!!
12:43:47 From Paula Gorelick : Congrats!! Incredible!
12:43:54 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : How awesome Vee!! Congratulations!! <3
12:44:12 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : We can feel all your excitement!! This is magnificent!! So happy for you!!
12:44:21 From Cami Sheppard : Felicitations Vee!
12:44:30 From Kelly Annette : what a perfect heart thing to hear, Vee ~ and your laughter is a healing blessing
12:44:55 From Naraya : Congratulations, Vee
12:45:09 From Mrs. Poole : yes
12:45:12 From Trina Brunk : i‚ will be right over
12:45:26 From Fay Senner : Sounds amazing See!
12:45:32 From Fay Senner : VEE

Heart Chakra 4th Gate

4th Chakra Evening Star Venus PDF for Video Below

OVERVIEW of the Heart Chakra recommended to view before the class video.

8.8 Infinity Time Gate

Note: it may take a minute for the audio meditation below to load.

Trina Brunk is a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Singer/Songwriter & Creative Muse
and she is a Gemini Venus Goddess! 

The Four Questions for Inner Alignment” process Trina has developed consistently helps people feel better, find their focus, get grounded and centered and access their inner knowing.

Instead of giving you the answers to your questions, this process offers you finely tuned questions to uncover the “answers” holding your creative thinking hostage, freeing you up to be your authentic, playful, self without constantly looking outside yourself for answers.

To listen, go to https://trinabrunk.com/4-questions  

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Toning Links

Find more links and an Introductory Video from Claudette on Chakra Toning at link below


4th Gate Heart Chakra Gate Toning PDF from Claudette

The Wings of My Heart
by James Ingram

I remember the day
You went out of your way
Just to sing me I do
I still feel butterflies
When I look in your eyes
That old magic in you
Is still there, still the same
Like the sun and the rain
Nothing’s change
Our love remains
You’re my anchor and
My sail in the wind
I need you here forever
So hang on to the wings of my heart
We can fly together
Love will take us beyond the clouds
If you hold on
To the wings of my heart
When I wake up you’re there
Tender words in my ear
You whispered softly to me
After all of these years
The smiles and some tears
We’re still holding on
So strong
So deep is the line
One of a kind
With a touch of divine
Soaring through time
You’re my anchor and
My sail in the wind
I need you here forever
So hang on to the wings of my heart
We can fly together
Love will take us beyond the clouds
If you hold on
To the wings of my heart