I am a Fiercely Wild Warrior Woman inspired by Sekhmet, Durga, Freya, Athena, Minerva, Pele, Kali. I know who I am. As a  Warrior Protectress I am committed to restoring cosmic order while protecting the Earth, the innocent and all that is just and true.

I am complete unto myself. I do not need anyone to define who I am. AND know I do not respond well to being told what to do. If I want to do something you can be sure it will get done.

Do not tell me what to do!   My identity is based on my accomplishments, achievements and protecting what is right and good. I defend Mother Earth, and those who cannot defend themselves, from the greedy and those who exploit the planet and the innocent. Honor me for my independence, my freedom and my ability to play. I am inspired by Queen Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Sekhmet, Durga, and all the Warrior Goddesses.

My Shadow. I can be Self-absorbed, narcissistic, fighting without a real cause, moving too fast, careless, lack of care and feeling for others. Black and White Fundamentalism, I will do it my way regardless of what happens or the cost, Lone Wolf, Independent, Warrior/Protector of the Tribe, Rugged Individualist

Taurus/Earth I am the Sensualist, the Pleasure-Lover. I am an Intimacy Expert. I bring Spirit into Matter in order to fully enjoy it. I establish intimacy with you based on the highest ideals of beauty, friendship and trust. I am learning to receive and enjoy the pleasures of life. I enjoy all the physical expressions of the arts, music, dance, lovemaking, good food and creature comforts! I have exquisite taste and high standards. My sword quality is pleasure, comfort and intimacy.
Taurus/Earth I am the Lover, the Courtesan, the Beautiful Woman. I love experiencing and savoring the joys of pleasure, beauty, and sensuality. I love having the deepest experience possible of intimacy based in connection and trust. I love being embodied in this beautiful Garden of Eden. Honor me for my excellent taste, my high standards in all things physical and my love of intimacy as its own art form. I am inspired by Venus, Aphrodite, and all the Goddesses of Love, Beauty and Pleasure.Lazy, indolent, stubborn, resists change, gluttonous, addicted receivers, an entitled taker, attached to materialism, stuck in the cultural definition of beauty.
The Epicure enjoying and savoring the finest elements of their specialty,
The pleasure of: Work/Virgo
Relationship/Libra Knowledge/Capricorn
Life Force/Scorpio Play/Gemini
Gemini/Air I am the Eternal Youth, the Puer, the Wandering Minstrel, Peter Pan, the Trickster. I am a Cosmic Joker and Court Jester who loves to entertain and help you laugh. I love accessing crazy wisdom that goes beyond logic and the mind!
I am playful, creative, and mischievous. I remind you to lighten up and believe in magic. I am learning freedom from the rules and laws of humanity. I love information and networking. I have a quick wit and a sharp mind. I am social and fun loving. My sword quality is freedom of mind, humor and fun.
Gemini/Air I am the Eternal Spirit Girl, a wanderer and storyteller. I am the Divine Comedienne. I am playful, creative, and mischievous. I can be a trickster reminding you to lighten up, be a free thinker and to have fun. I channel the creative muse, shape shifting to be whatever is needed in the moment. Honor me for my quick wit, my sharp mind and my ability to entertain you! am inspired by the Rainbow Goddess Iris, the Female Peter Pan, Coyote Woman and all the Fun, Youthful, Playful Goddesses.
Overly mental, worries too much, superficial, Passive Aggressive, afraid to commit for fear of being trapped or tied down, not in touch with feelings, inappropriate use of humor and creating chaosTrickster, Gypsy/Free Electron, Entertainer, Eternal Youth

Cancer/Water I am the Caring Provider, the Good Father concerned for the next seven generations. I am learning to provide a healthy foundation for others to grow. I commit to the welfare of others, including Mother Nature, my family, all the children, and/or animals. I nurture family and tribe. I understand what it means to protect and provide. I am committed, and I give my love responsibly. I am a Family Man and Householder. I am a safe space for others to be vulnerable. My sword quality is nurturing love, and commitment.       Cancer/Water I am the Mother Nurturer, connected to nature. I love my home, family and tribe. I understand what it means to consider the wellbeing of future generations. I am committed to giving love and responsibly nurturing my family whether it is my children, my animals, my extended family, my chosen clan or to the planet. Honor me for my dedication to consciously care for others. I am inspired by all the Mother Goddess, Demeter, Ceres, and Isis etc. Giving to get and to have control over others, over giving to the point of ill health, needy, victim, co-dependent with family, controlling, unable to receive or be vulnerable. Parent nurturer of the tribe, creating safe space for family or tribal members

Masculine Archetypes Feminine Archetypes Shadow Job in Tribe

Leo/Fire I am the Leading Man, the Star, the King. I am a powerful creative force and dynamic leader. I am learning to show up BIG, to inspire others with my self-confidence and personal power. I lead with my open generous heart for the highest good of all. I radiate self-love and magnificence inspiring others. I am a celebrity and born leader. My sword quality is courageous will and a radiant, individuated self. Leo/Fire I am the Leading Woman, the Star, the Queen. I am a powerful creative force, leading by my shining example. I radiate self-love, self-confidence and self-approval inspiring others to love themselves. I show up BIG. I lead with my heart inspiring others to do the same. Honor me for my ability to lead others, to show up, to create, to shine like a radiant goddess.
I am inspired by all the Goddess Queens Run by ego, entitled, attention-seeking, better than others, need to be special and in the spotlight, overly focused on appearance Star or Celebrity, the Out-Front Leader, Performer and Director

Virgo/Earth I am the Priest doing what I was born to do. I have a strong sense of purpose in Service to the Divine. I must have work that is mine. I am here to learn how to invoke the Sacred, to find my tools and my craft. I know the detailed patterning and nature of the organic world. I am a Servant  and Natural Consort of the Goddess serving the feminine. I understand sacred ceremony. I live life in a holy way bringing Spirit into Matter to honor it. My sword quality is focused sacred work in Service to Spirit.
  Virgo/Earth I am a conscientious and dedicated Priestess In Service to Spirit. I must have work with sacred purpose to truly love my life! I analyze everything so I can understand the patterning of the world: the rhythms and cycles of life, when to plant, when to tend, when to harvest, when to do rites of passage and other sacred ceremonies. I know how to create consecrated, sacred space and restore the sacred patterning of life for the benefit of all life. Honor me for my ability to see all life as sacred and my dedication to my sacred service. I am inspired by Hestia, Vesta and all other Goddesses of the Sacred Work. Workaholic, controlling, overly focused on details, judgmental and critical, insensitive to emotions, no connection to ordinary life including family and relationship Priest or priestess creating sacred space, performing ceremonies and doing sacred work of tribe
LIbra/Air I am a Good Partner, Beloved Husband, the Diplomat. I am here to learn how to prioritize relationships as a path to enlightenment. I am committed to world peace and harmony. I help others get along. I am a peacemaker and a fair negotiator. You can count on me to be there for you. I want you to be my soul-mate! I choose healthy interdependent relationships, rewriting the operating manual for conscious equal partnership. My sword quality is relatedness, fairness and equality.
Libra/Air I am a Great Partner, the Beloved, the Diplomat. I am dedicated to relationship as a spiritual path and my highest calling. I value harmony, cooperation, teamwork and joint ventures. I prioritize my relationships over my own interest. I help others get along. Honor me for my ability to be a peacemaker, a fair negotiator and a powerful helpmate. I am inspired by all the Goddesses who are about partnership including Hera, Juno, Radha, Saraswati, Parvati, Lakshmi etc. Needs to be with others to define herself, idealizes relationships, gives up her voice to keep the peace, relationship addict. Social and Relating Experts who had or now intend to have a partner. Strong desire for creating conscious relationship with others.
Scorpio/Water I am the Shaman, the Magician, the Sorcerer, the Wild Man in the Woods. I am passion incarnate. I can turn you on like no one else can! I live on the edge. I am here to learn to run full life-force energy with my will and my desire, to call Spirit into matter, and then master it! I am in touch with my emotions and I love to fully feel you. I love to dive deep into the intensity of life so that I can die to the old and be re-born to the new. I regenerate, rising from the ashes. My sword quality is conscious sexuality, emotion and passion.     Scorpio/Water I am the Sorceress, Witch, Tantrika, Shamaness.  I am the Mistress of Magic running intense, full-on life-force energy when my will is aligned with my emotions and feelings. I know what I want and I know how to get it! I am not afraid to play on the edge and to investigate the deeper realms of what society may consider taboo: women’s mysteries, the shadow, sacred sexuality, the shamanic realms of death and rebirth. Honor me for my passion, intensity and love of ecstasy and bliss. I am inspired by the Dark Goddess in all her forms, Kali, Ereshkigal, Pele, and Hecate etc. Obsession with the dark, addiction, excessive fear of being persecuted, secrecy, depression, fear of feelings and personal power, my will not thy will, repression of her own life-force, hiding, secrecy Sorcerer, shaman, shadow magnet catalyst who goes deep and takes others deeper than ever before, death and rebirth mysteries

Masculine Archetypes Feminine Archetypes Shadow Job in Tribe

Sagittarius/Fire I am the Vision Quest Hero, the Philosopher, and Pioneer. I am the Adventurer seeking truth and the meaning of life. I am the humanitarian and sage, the valiant explorer. I am learning to explore new territory in expanding states of consciousness. I must continually renew my vision, so I need wide open space and freedom to explore. If I do relationship it is with a trail mate. I love the journey and being the scout on a quest. My sword quality is expanding human consciousness through direct experience of truth and meaning. Sagittarius/Fire I am the Vision Quest Amazon, the Spiritual Adventurer, Exploring and Expanding Consciousness as I go. I am willing to go where no one has gone before. I love to be on the quest for meaning that comes from the highest truth. I am a philosopher, humanitarian and sage. I am an independent trail mate. Honor me for my courage to expand consciousness and my love of the outdoors, where I receive my best visions and insights.
I honor the Goddess Tara, Rhiannon, Artemis, Diana, and all the Vision Quest Goddesses. Only sees the light (spiritual bypass), extreme fundamentalism, imposing their version of the truth on others, always looking for the next great adventure, difficulty committing or staying in one place The philosopher, explorer, trail scout, the adventurer, teacher of truth and expanded states of consciousness

Capricorn/Earth I am the Wise Manager, Teacher, Leader and Tribal Elder. I get things done in the most efficient way possible. I am a practical businessman embodying responsibility and accountability. I know the rules. I provide well for those I love. I command respect because I know how to successfully navigate in the world. I am a building a New Earth, new structures, new ways of doing community that serve everyone. I honor and work along side other Wise Ones and Grandmothers. My sword quality is responsible, practical, and effective management. Capricorn/Earth I am the Wise Counselor, Teacher, and Grandmother/Elder of my community. I am a responsible and wise leader. I know how to effectively get results sustainably using resources that will serve and support future generations in flourishing. Honor me for my ability to provide, to lead, to manage and to get the job done.
I honor all Matriarchal Goddesses and The Circle of Grandmothers Driven to achieve by cultural standards, must be in charge, stuck being a teacher or elder with no personal life, taking herself too seriously, and perfectionism. Elder, Teacher, Expert, Responsible and Efficient Manager
Aquarius/Air I am the Radical Revolutionary, the Visionary, the Scientist, the Eccentric Innovator. I am the Eagle who perceives the big picture with clarity. I question authority and encourage new experiments. I am on the cutting edge of new ideas and love to explore new territory. I explore other dimensions, planets and realms. I like to live in the higher chakras. I am idealistic and detached from the Physical and Emotional realm. I am learning the highest and best experience of freedom. My sword quality is inclusive fairness and unconditional love for all.
Aquarius/Air I am a Radical Visionary, Eccentric, and Cosmic Revolutionary seeing beyond what others see. I am a Humanitarian seeking to improve the human condition. I am a Female Avatar who sees the bigger picture of what is possible. I expand my awareness and ascend in consciousness so I can be free from the entanglements of the physical and emotional planes. Honor me for my egalitarian, cosmic perspective that promotes freedom for all. I honor the Goddesses of Freedom, Democracy, and Egalitarian Ideals including Lady Liberty.
Disconnected from body and emotions, too detached, checked out, split off, cool and aloof, denies there is a shadow, overly attached to positive thinking that denies reality.Radical revolutionary, eccentric with widest view, free electron, grand experimenter and innovative inventor

Pisces/Water I am a Compassionate Empath and Spiritual Servant. I desire to merge with you and help you heal. I am safe and sensitive, loving and accepting you just as you are. I feel what you feel. I love to serve and suffer if I can’t be of service. I am the Mystical Dreamer seeking cosmic bliss and transcendental union. I am learning to merge human and divine. I seek a life of service to all sentient beings, surrendering to Divine Guidance. My sword quality is universal compassion and transpersonal love. Pisces/Water I am a Compassionate, Empathic Selfless Servant, who merges with others to feel and help them heal. I am psychic and oracular. I help heal by taking on the suffering of others. I am a safe space filled with love and acceptance. I love to merge with the Divine seeking Unity Consciousness. Honor me for my willingness to serve without thought of myself, to merge with others, to feel what others cannot feel. I honor Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, and Mother Theresa and all Bodhisattva Goddesses. Addicted to giving, cannot receive, drugs and alcohol are a substitute for spiritual bliss, dependency and codependency issues, masters at inducing guilt in others, victim, martyr, self-sacrificing, no boundaries Heart Healer, World Server, Bodhisattva


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