I am the Rainbow Goddess bringing you a message of hope and promise of a New Earth already in process.

Gemini/Air I am the Eternal Youth, the Puer, the Wandering Minstrel, Peter Pan, the Trickster. I am a Cosmic Joker and Court Jester who loves to entertain and help you laugh. I love accessing crazy wisdom that goes beyond logic and the mind!

I am playful, creative, and mischievous. I remind you to lighten up and believe in magic. I am learning freedom from the rules and laws of humanity. I love information and networking. I have a quick wit and a sharp mind. I am social and fun loving. My sword quality is freedom of mind, humor and fun.

Gemini/Air I am the Eternal Spirit Girl, a wanderer and storyteller. I am the Divine Comedienne. I am playful, creative, and mischievous. I can be a trickster reminding you to lighten up, be a free thinker and to have fun. I channel the creative muse, shape shifting to be whatever is needed in the moment. Honor me for my quick wit, my sharp mind and my ability to entertain you! am inspired by the Rainbow Goddess Iris, the Female Peter Pan, Coyote Woman and all the Fun, Youthful, Playful Goddesses.

Overly mental, worries too much, superficial, Passive Aggressive, afraid to commit for fear of being trapped or tied down, not in touch with feelings, inappropriate use of humor and creating chaosTrickster, Gypsy/Free Electron, Entertainer, Eternal Youth


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