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Hopi Snake Dance Article in honor of Venus passing below the Serpent Bearer and Vishnu as Sesha the Serpent.

From the article: The Hopis, especially members of the Snake Clan, wish people would stop killing rattlesnakes and other snakes. They recognize that snakes are an integral part of the natural world and that not everything on earth was placed here for the use of humans. They view snakes as messengers to the spirits of the Earth from where they and all living creatures originated. Hopis believe that if they fail to live in harmony, the snakes will reject them and not serve as messengers to the spirits.

Many people mistakenly assume the ceremony is simply some type of rain dance. Instead, the Snake Dance is a means of giving thanks for a harmonious year and asking the spirits to grant future good fortune to all people, everywhere. That good fortune, of course, includes rain when needed.

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