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Soul Star Evergreen Chakra Video is below the chat content…along with the 8th Gate Meditation and 8th Gate Venus Temple Journey near the bottom of the page.

Libra Soul Star Chakra Class Video

In the beginning when Tara Was Singing her song about Rainbow Nations she lost her mic. Hopefully she can send us us a link her beautiful song.

Chat from the Class

12:48:29 From estela: the 8th gate will be on top of my natal Moon at 17 II 21

13:00:23 From TARA : this is amazing!! Venus in Gemini healing karmic relationship and patterns!!! Seriously healing…….i have a HUGE EPIC story unfolding in my house and yard……..with a crazy “neighbour” guy!! i am sooooo feeeling this and my intuition was telling me this morning that it’s KARMIC!!

13:06:12 From TARA : love it Cayelin!!!! the 3 6 9 chant!!

13:06:47 From Pamela Ashley : lovely chant

13:07:09 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Great Chant!! Love connecting with the Rainbow Light body!

13:07:40 From Sonia Mars Rose: So lovely 💓
13:10:14 From Fay Senner : “Gemini is subversive” … I love that Tami

13:11:35 From TARA : 3 generations of my family…….went through massive healing yesterday!!! ancestral healing in Full Effect…….

13:14:42 From Rebecca : when you get to questions, could you explain why you are saying, ‘evergreen’? What is its significance?

13:16:25 From Fay Senner : I was wondering that same thing!

13:16:37 From Zanna : me, too

13:17:19 From Fay Senner : Yeah Tara!

13:17:27 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Question… Are there things to focus on in between our journeys… after the 8th gate before we begin again in July??

13:21:04 From melody lambert : what do you think of us moving from the relationship sign into the sign of the free electron?

13:21:10 From Trish : It feels like we are living in an in-between space now . ..

13:21:36 From Gerdella Moody : I agree feels like in-between space now

13:21:58 From Lorrie : My Moon is in gemini 12 degrees, my north node is retrograde in Gemini 24 degrees, my ascendant is in Capricorn, my Venus is in Libra 24 degrees and I am in my 7th Venus return…what would you say is the significance of this timing for me?

13:24:22 From Trish : My birthday is 3 June!! Also 2 June when Venus squares Mars, mars will be conjunct my natal chiron – think it’s going to be an auspicious birthday this year!

13:24:23 From lacechess : Im thinking I was born at this gate..natal Venus is 0 degrees retrograde???

13:24:58 From Sheridan Semple : Are dates of Metamorphic UW May 28-June 9 or June 6?

13:25:57 From Sheridan Semple : So it’s 13 days long?

Answer: Its deteremined by how long Venus is 10 degrees from the Sun. Sometimes more than 8 days sometimes lless.

13:26:46 From Pamela Ashley : Any suggestions of how to deepen our dreams and visions at this time? Or work with them.

13:28:40 From melody lambert : i just bought a plant online…..African dream root. It is used to initiate shamen …Xhosa people. I’m going to try this….in next cycle

13:33:42 From Victoria in the Ozarks, AR : I shared in breakout that I am still working on the clearing of the Libra shadow of codependency, which is on a deeper level than before. My Imum coeli or lowest point of my natal chart is in Gemini, and the Ic is about family of origin. that is partly why I think the Gemini MetaGoddess Descent might help with family of origin issues

13:34:23 From TARA : i had an interesting viewpoint from an Elder once…..she says we have the Sun sign when we are born (birth day)……..but we might look at another sign when we were created……it’s very interesting because i am an Aquarious sun sign……but take that back 9 months when i was conceived and voila…….Gemini…….what are your thoughts on this, Astrological-wise??

13:43:08 From Victoria in the Ozarks, AR : Kaia Ra of the Sophia Code, uses the Sophia Christ as the Higher Energy… That blends the masculine and feminine aspects

13:43:10 From TARA : hand up here….is there a button to put my hand up??

13:43:18 From melody lambert : the relationship between the masculine and feminine

13:44:08 From Cayelin : I will get you unmuted Tara after Jeffrey shares

13:49:31 From Pamela Ashley : thank you Jeffery

13:50:02 From Meredith McKelvie : Thank you for sharing Jeffery.

13:50:03 From Sonia Mars Rose : I love what you said Jeffery 🙏

13:50:14 From melody lambert : thank you Jeffery!!

13:50:33 From Elizabeth Thomas : Gemini is also kinda androgynous. & is the Divine Child born out of union of masculine & feminine

13:50:34 From Lorrie : Thank you so much, Jeffrey for your insights and sharing…well said!

13:50:37 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Thank you so much Jeffry… I so agree about the healing needed! <3

13:52:09 From Sheridan Semple : Jeffery, I hear you and appreciate your vulnerability with sharing this. I agree with you 100%!

13:54:09 From Fay Senner : Great share Jeffery, I applaud you for joining a circle like this. I was wondering if there were Mars groups where women could work on their inner masculine, I think I would benefit from such an experience.

Answer: Erik and Daniel do a Mars class though its more informational than ceremonial. AND it might be worth checking out?

13:55:05 From Lorrie : Wow, so powerful and beautiful, Tara. Thank you so much for your deeply personal and beautiful sharing…

13:57:22 From Sonia Mars Rose : I think “Patriarchy” is very unfortunate term and creates much polarity and separation that is not real, I don’t use it any more. There have abuse of power from any gender and in between, and I feel that the healing needs to come from transcending that artificial separation 🙏

13:57:58 From Pamela Ashley : Thankful in gratitude.

13:58:09 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Thank you so much for this wonderful journey… so looking forward to the Gemini cycle which is my Meta-Goddess! <3

13:58:27 From Kathy Stanley : Thank you everyone… looking forward to the next cycle… thank you Cayelin and Tami… have to run <3

13:58:36 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Sonia… love what you shared about the patriarchy because you are so right about how we’ve been with each other!

13:58:37 From melody lambert : Thank you so much Tami! Thank you so much Cayelin!

13:58:52 From lacechess : I also have to leave..thank you!!

13:58:53 From Bekah Finch : Thank you for everything, all blessings!


 See Questions below 8th Chakra video to consider.

Questions and Excercises that might be helpful to complete before the 8th Chakra Gate Class to share in our break out session.

Venus Recap (Left Brain/Akashic Records) Using your Venus Journal and/or other journals or memory, revisit the timeline of this Venus Cycle. Consider dividing it according to Descending Chakra Gates, Underworld, and Ascending Chakra Gates. Journal on each period and create a summary.

Shadow Records/Meeting Your Demons: Journal honestly on what you regret, missed opportunities, demons you feel are still with you.

“Book of Life” Positive Review: Journal on these events from just the positive perspective, wearing “rose colored glasses.” Especially regarding your regrets (above) note what were positive outcomes from your choices or lack of action?Soul Star Chakra Integration/Right Brain: From reflections above, create a Mantra and/or choose images for each Chakra and create one or more of the following:

  *A vision board
  *An oracle deck for each gate and the underworld
  *Choose an object for each chakra to place on your Venus Altar.




Soul Star Chakra Evening Star Meditation 22:22 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Venus Eighth Soul Star Chakra Mediation Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Venus Temple Soul Star Chakra Ceremony 8:08 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Venus Temple Soul Star Chakra Ceremony Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Music for 8th Chakra