Unplugging the Patriarchy

by Lucia Rene

with Venus Alchemy


Let’s Unplug from the Patriarchy TOGETHER!

Welcome to the Venus Alchemy Book Club!

We will be reading Unplugging The Patriarchy by Lucia Rene over the course of the Leo Venus Morning Star phase via Zoom.

This offering is FREE and OPEN to ALL! You do not have to be a part of our current Leo Venus Morning Star Journey to participate. (Of course, we’d be thrilled to have you join us for that too! Learn more about that class here.)

Schedule and Reading

Please come even if you aren’t caught up on all the reading! You have a perspective and we want to hear it. We’ll be learning from each other’s life experiences.

Dec 19 Book Group Recording

It was so special to have Victoria More (Alexandria in the book) join us today! She shared her experiences, her wisdom and we asked her questions.

We will be making this video available permanently.

You can find Victoria at https://emanationofpresence.org/

Feb 20 Recording with Lucia Rene!!

We will make this video, with Lucia the author, available permanently as well.
You can find Lucia at https://luciarene.com/

March 14 Recording with Nalini MacNab (Jackie in the book)

You can find Nalini and her offerings here:

NaliniMacNab.com and GalacticMotherTemple.com

Last Book Group Meeting Recording

Books and Links from the Chat in this meeting

From Camille Sun to Everyone:
Robert Comber – new book coming The Lost Octave
From Meridith Maahs to Everyone:
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminister Fuller
From rebecca flood to Everyone:
Anna Von Reitz Blog: http://annavonreitz.com
From Camille Sun to Everyone:
The last line in the Unplugging the Patriachy book is “There has never been anything outside of you. Nothing at all.” Hummm…wise words
From rebecca flood to Everyone:
Pal Stramer Blog (he posts Anna’s daily articles every day. Easy to check every day): http://www.paulstramer.net
From rebecca flood to Everyone:

Here is the quote Sonia read at the end:

“All You Need Is Love
Love is the ultimate rebellion against patriarchy. Truthfully, against any rules.
Aphrodite is the first Rebel, daughter of the Sky God Ouranos and Mother Ocean the Womb of the World Soul/Anima Mundi. Aphrodite is the Cosmic Blueprint of our Original Blessings here on Earth. At the world’s beginning, the Cosmos blessed us with Love, Connection, Beauty, Sex and Wisdom, all in the form of Aphrodite. She brings gs us a different possibility for life here on Earth. She wants Love to matter more than money, more than religious laws, more than conflict and war. 
Love is the ultimate rebellion against the dying patriarchal world, which is fueled by fear and hate. As naive and cliche as it sounds, Love is all we need to shape a better world.”
From Aphrodite: Our Inner Venus by Cathy Pagano.

We have so appreciated reading this book and unplugging the patriarchy with you!!

Cayelin and Sheridan

Bonus Content

Our first meeting featured Nalini MacNab who is Jackie in the book.
Find our more about Nalini here https://www.nalinimacnab.com/about

Find out more about Nalini’s meditation, digital downloads and online courses: https://www.galacticmothertemple.com

Author Lucia Rene Interviewed about the book in 2009

by Women on the Edge of Evolution

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