Venus Buddy Guide

Overview, Practices, and Tips

At the beginning of each Venus Ceremonial Series we connect interested class members with a Venus Buddy. Venus Buddies are selected based on region and through divination (pulling names out of a hat – trusting the connection is the right one). A Venus Buddy is your ally, someone you can call on for support over the course of your Venus Initiation.

Venus Buddy Self Selection Process

You can also choose your own Buddy! You might already have someone you know and would love to work with, and have already asked and agreed to be Buddies.

The benefits of having a Buddy may include:

  • having someone to talk to that is on the same journey as you
  • doing home play or deepening exercises together
  • making a new friend and ally
  • brainstorming creative ideas
  • having a cheerleader to support your focused intention for the initiation

Though some participants love to take this journey solo, many have discovered that collaboration can not only
be a lot of Fun, it helps you maximize this sacred journey experience.

Suggested Introductory Exercises

Share Your Intention, Vision, or Goals for this Venus Initiatory Cycle. For example, you might explore in your Venus Journal and share with your Buddy your answer to the question:

  • How do I want my life, my habits and patterns, my thoughts, relationships to be transformed over the course of this Venus initiation so that I have full access to my wise and wonderful inner Goddess?

Over the course of the journey, your Buddy will remind you of this intention and mirror back to you all the ways you are moving toward it, even if sometimes this is by seeing what your BLOCKS are first! Your buddy might also help you re-calibrate and refine your intentions as the journey unfolds.

Suggested Ongoing Practices
  • Share with each other what comes up as you explore Suggested Questions for each Chakra Gate and During Live Classes
  • Brainstorm ideas for Building Your Venus Altar, Venus Ceremony at each Chakra Gate, or other ways to deepen your initiatory process.
  • Ask for Prayer/Light/Support for challenges you may encounter along the way. Be willing to offer support in return.
  • Share your dreams, using the Lightning Dreamwork Process.

Keep an Open Mind

You might both feel shy at first, and unsure if this is the right person for you. If you are compatible in your desire for frequency and mode of communication (see below) proceed with the assumption that this is your match made by Venus. Keep an open mind at first, and if after a couple of months the vibes don’t feel like a match, let us know.

Buddy Compatibility: How to Connect and How Often

Buddies might connect by email, text, phone, Skype, or a combination. Some connect monthly, others weekly, others on an “as needed” basis. In your initial conversations you’ll want to find what works best for both of you.

Be honest about your needs and desires. If you discover your needs are incompatible, let your partner know and THEN email Sheridan at We will do our best to find a more compatible Buddy, if one is available.

Sometimes the “perfect” initial Buddy is the one who helps you state your needs and boundaries clearly!

Most importantly this is meant to be a FUN supportive experience so if you and your buddy ignore all these guidelines but feel you are having fun while exploring this journey then that is also perfect!


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