The Synodic Cycles of Venus
from 1929 to 2052

This document is included as part of our Venus Signature Series. For those who aren’t interested in the Signature Series and you want the ability to look up where Venus was at any given time in her cycle this document can be purchased separately here.

You Can Easily Look up any Venus Cycle, when it begins, when it ends, what the Venus Star Phase is at any given time, the Meta Goddess, Chakra Gate, Retrograde Phase etc. This document was updated in 2019.

Please do NOT give this document to others as it represents years of research and work. However, please feel free to use it for yourself and others to look up any Venus Cycle past or future.

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The Synodic Cycles of Venus From 1929 to 2052


Be sure to wait for PayPal to redirect you to the page

where you can download the document once payment is complete.

If you don't get redirected - email Cayelin at

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