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Details for the 2021 Venus in Gemini Ceremonial Journey First live class is May 02

Details for the Venus Signature Series Next Live Q & A is May 16, 2021

Inanna Story

Access to a 14 minute Gemini North Node Video 

Inanna/Venus Journey - 27 Minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

See Below for Replay of the Rainbow Goddessas the New World Story Teller, Beginning to Let Go of the Old Stories and creatively crafting the NEW Ones.

Plus, Replays of Other Recent events 

Featuring Ceremonial Honoring of
the Venus Rising Into the Morning Sky
as the Rainbow Goddess 

Plus The Magical Mysteries of
Venus Retrograde

Gemini Venus Morning Star Celebration with Cayelin, Tami, Jeffrey Grundtner,
Gemini Brett, Taelin, Sareako and other amazing shares from the Venus Alchemy Community.

Here is the chat that happened during the live event just for fun. Only those who signed up for this event can see it…

17:04:56          From Pauline Saaade : sounds like fairies 🧚‍♂️

17:05:14          From sherriklipowicz : Haha yes it does! 🙂

17:06:37          From constanzavictoria.cl@gmail.com : Hi Tami and everyone

17:06:52          From Ligin Baker: I tried the other day. The light is too bright even when sun was not risen.

17:13:57          From Mikailah: Yes so adore growing & drying sage <3

17:30:35          From Fay Senner : I love that little red bundle of wisdom you made and created Jeffery

17:30:38          From constanzavictoria: Thank you

17:30:55          From barbara : Thank you!

17:31:04          From Mikailah Gooda : thank you for beautiful opening

17:31:47          From silvianne: that was such a powerful grounding connection. So grateful to have such a wise and loving masculine presence in the Circle in this potent time of change. Gratitude!

17:32:07          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : THANK YOU!!

17:32:27          From Carol : Lisa Thiele’s songs have been important to me for years.

17:34:32          From constanzavictoria.cl@gmail.com : Beautiful

18:06:14          From emmawaner : Thank you for the great meditations

18:08:14          From Sarah and Bryan : That is beautiful! I’m sun Gemini and that resonates with me deeply

18:08:24          From Michela : I LOVE this!!!! I have it on my altar <3

18:08:31          From Levia : Does anyone know the degree of Venus today?

18:08:40          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : AWESOME PAINTING!!!

18:09:01          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : 6 degrees

18:09:12          From Levia : Thank you! A

18:10:00          From Sarah Gallant : LOVE!

18:10:25          From Mikailah Gooda : deeply stirring images

18:10:41          From Kathleen Allen : WOAH!  Beautiful art, Brett!!

18:13:02          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : THANK YOU!!! <3

18:13:02          From Sarah and Bryan : Thank you so much!

18:13:20          From Victoria in the Ozarks, AR : Thank you so much

18:13:22          From Gael Chilson : Lovely pictures and music!

18:13:28          From Michela : your work is amazing Brett, thank you!!!!!

18:13:38          From Melinda Klotz : Oh thank you!! Brett!

18:13:42          From Sarah Gallant : Thank You!! Beautiful!

18:13:47          From Kathleen Allen : I can hear …

18:13:57          From Marcia Benjamin : what fun I have Venus in my 10th house

18:14:01          From Kathleen Allen : Yes!!

18:14:07          From Sarah and Bryan : Awesome! I can’t wait to hear Taelin!

18:16:08          From Sarah Gallant : So beautiful – thank you!

18:16:26          From Sarah and Bryan : That was beautiful! Thank you so much

18:16:33          From Mikailah Gooda : beautiful sounds much gratitude

18:16:59          From Melinda Klotz : Oh so Beautiful!

18:17:36          From Sarah and Bryan : Violet, you have such an amazing voice!

18:19:55          From Sarah Gallant : Thank you Violet – beautiful song! 

18:20:12          From Taelin Frasier : That was wonderful! Thank you!

18:20:13          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : WOWOWOW That was AMAZING Violet!!!

18:20:17          From Pauline Saaade : aho! 🙏🏻❤️

18:20:17          From Sarah and Bryan : Thank you so much! Wonderful offering

18:20:21          From barbara : That was beautiful! Thank You!

18:20:53          From Claudia Trivelas : Beautiful song Violet!

18:21:00          From Violet Vonder Haar : <3 Thank you!!

18:21:33          From Elizabeth Thomas : Mahalo!!! Jeffrey, Brett & Taelin. Mahalo Violet(:

18:22:17          From Sarah and Bryan : Beautiful, Marcia! Thank you so much for sharing

18:22:21          From Lorrie : Thank you to all the presenters!!!  What a treat!

18:22:22          From Sarah Gallant : Lovely Vision Marcia! Thank you!

18:22:56          From Michela : june 9

18:23:56          From Viola Goodwin : Thank you!

18:24:34          From Margo Emrich : 4:30 am ye4sterday tucson time

18:24:38          From Melinda Klotz : Such a beautiful song! Thank you Violet!

18:25:12          From Sarah Gallant : Very Fun and inspiring Gathering – Thank You Tami, Cayelin and Everyone

18:25:57          From Ligin Baker : Thank you all.  Have fun!  I got to leave early.  Bye!!!

18:26:21          From Sarah and Bryan : Deeply moving Kathleen

18:26:34          From Sarah Gallant : WOW!! Powerful and Profound – thank you!

18:26:51          From Elizabeth Thomas : Thank you Kathleen! Wow!!!

18:27:51          From Sarah and Bryan : Beautiful!

18:27:52          From Sarah Gallant : Beautiful!

18:28:15          From Dee Carawan : Love it!

18:28:59          From Sarah and Bryan : AMAZING

18:29:07          From Pauline Saaade : wow !!!

18:29:15          From Gerdella Moody : wow

18:29:18          From Sarah Gallant : Beautiful Melody!

18:29:18          From Fay Senner : That is an awesome drawing Melody!

18:29:25          From Elizabeth Thomas : LOVE IT!!!

18:29:32          From Taelin Frasier : WOW!! So beautiful!

18:29:46          From Michela : amazing!

18:30:01          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : So GORGEOUS and magnetic!

18:30:03          From Pauline Saaade : we are in the rainbow 🌈 vortex

18:30:24          From barbara : Love this!

18:30:45          From Melinda Klotz : What an amazing painting Melody!

18:32:40          From Elizabeth Thomas : WoW!!!

18:33:39          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Awesome Fay!

18:33:47          From Sarah Gallant : Love the image and the writing….WOW

18:33:58          From Michela : LOVE IT

18:34:21          From Melinda Klotz : That poem is so wonderful Fay and the image!!

18:34:22          From Wendy Weiss : such beautiful sharing! thank you each of you for bringing your gifts!

18:34:43          From Shelley : ME TOOOO!!!!

18:35:06          From Sarah and Bryan : Thank you to everyone for your gifts and sharing. Thank you Tami and Cayelin and everyone who spoke and held sacred space for us all! I truly appreciate this time we’ve had together. Blessed Be

18:35:18          From silvianne : I have Mars in Gemini, am feeling my Inner Other’s presence here, for sure!!!

18:36:26          From Sarah Gallant : Beautiful!

18:36:34          From Levia : Very awesome!

18:36:36          From Elizabeth Thomas : Amazing!!!!

18:36:53          From Pauline Saaade : wow 😳

18:37:03          From Sarah Gallant : Karen its so beautiful!

18:37:22          From Melinda Klotz : Oh I love that Karen!

18:37:28          From Elizabeth Thomas : Aho! Beautiful Karen!

18:38:51          From Loralea : what is the name of the FB page?

18:39:11          From Sarah Gallant : Love1

18:39:34          From Elizabeth Thomas : I love it Tatiana! Can you share about the rattle?

18:40:29          From Elizabeth Thomas : Absolutely beautiful Michaela. So inspiring & uplifting!

18:41:03          From Elizabeth Thomas : Wow!!!! DeborAH

18:41:11          From Sarah Gallant : Beautiful!

18:42:09          From silvianne : Just saw a firefly sparking outside the van window. Gemini magick!

18:42:29          From Elizabeth Thomas : love it Lorrie!

18:43:09          From Sarah Gallant : Wonderful all – wow!

18:43:35          From Levia : Lots of talent here!

18:43:43          From emmawaner : I am wow’ed by all of the creativity and talent. My heart is happy.   I think I might start painting again.

18:44:16          From Levia : Rainbow vegies – wonderful!

18:45:08          From Karen : so many amazing creations! wow and WOW!

18:45:20          From Levia : And whoa!

18:45:30          From Gael Chilson : I’m wearing a T-shirt Rhonda gave me with native woman and butterflies.

18:47:23          From Levia : Thank you all!

18:47:49          From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

18:47:51          From Michela : thank you so much <3

18:48:19          From Sarah Gallant : MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL – THank you Tami Cayelin and ALL

18:49:17          From Sarah Gallant : Thank you Gerrie – much Love

18:49:28          From Kathleen Allen : Thank you Gerdella!

18:52:43          From Melinda Klotz : No! Yes! So simple and it is so effective! Thank you Gerry for saying this!!

18:52:47          From Karen : thank you so much!

18:52:57          From Kathleen Allen : Gerdella, you shine!!

18:53:02          From Marcia Benjamin : thanks you love and light to you

18:53:14          From Gael Chilson : Thank you everyone. Love to all!

18:53:33          From Fay Senner : This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine.

18:53:41          From Pauline Saaade : my first time attending. this is amazing! thank you

18:53:46          From Fay Senner : Thanks you so much for a really fun night!


Rainbow Woman
Rainbow Woman
Rainbow Woman
Shining being, eternally wise
Dancing across the ancient skies

Rainbow Woman, please come
Bring your healing light to me
Rainbow Woman, please come
Restore the beauty within me

Rainbow Woman
Rainbow Woman
Rainbow Woman
Creation mother, shining moonbeams
Planting the seeds of sacred dreams

Rainbow Woman, please come
Wisdom Woman, come to me
Rainbow Woman, please come
Restore the beauty within me

(all repeats)

Venus Retrograde Replay Videos are Below

With a Fun Video on 3 6 9 that we played during the webinar. AND below the song video
is a Video that describes the mysteries of ANY Venus Retrograde in detail.

Slides for the Venus Retrograde 2020 Video

Florence Boissenin Offering to the Pluto Fire a.k.a. Gemini Goddess speaking to old ways of Capricorn

Links From Songs Played during the Ceremony

Nina Simone live at Montreux 1

A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall with Patti Smith

New Soul  by Yael Naim

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole 

Here is the PDF for ANY Venus Retrograde Video 
Venus Retrograde and Alchemical Goddess