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The Magic and Mystery of the Venus Star Phases
and the Venus Cycle Content Below

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This includes everything you need to know about how to discover your personal Venus Star Phase and includes content on the current Venus in Aries Cycle that lasts until October 31, 2018.

Class Materials are Posted Below the first two videos

An Overiew of the Venus in Aries Synodic Cycle – 24 minutes

Warrior Women Past and Present – with Cayelin and Tami

A New Venus Evening Star Ceremonial Online Series Begins March 8 details are HERE

Venus Star Phases Class Audio Recording and PDF Handout

This Venus Inner Star Phase Class PDF Handout will be especially helpful to have handy while you are Listening to this audio recording

Also be sure to note this class covers a lot of content in a short amount of time. Later we decided to break it down to include more interactive exercises in a six class series so we could go deeper into the material. However, the entire class content is available here…

To download the Venus Star Phase Class Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Deepening Exercises for the Venus Star Phases

 Four Element Meditation

To download the Four Element Meditation Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Audio on How to Locate Your Venus Star Phase and How to Locate Your Venus Star Phase on a Chart PDF to look at while listening to this 16 minute tutorial

How to Determine your Venus Star Phase Audio

To download the How to Determine your Venus Star Phase Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

This Interview on the Venus Cycle is during her underworld phase in 2016. The current underworld phase ends February 19, 2018.