Welcome to the Capricorn Venus
Morning Star Ceremonial Journey
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We are thrilled you are joining us in this upcoming Ceremonial Series!

Thank you for answering the call to gather and help midwife the rebirth of our Inner Wise, Sage Goddess who will inspire us to access and share our
vastly deep ancient wisdom and knowledge!

Preparation Tools To Support Your Journey

If this is your first time taking our Venus Alchemy Ceremonial Series, we recommend start with watching two videos on the Class Page (link on button below). Video #1: Overview of the 19-month Venus Cycle. Video #2: Ceremonial Considerations for the Venus Cycle. Scroll to the bottom of the Class Page to find these two videos, under Videos to Support Your Understanding of the Venus Cycle.

We thank you so much for NOT sharing the Class Page link with anyone who is not signed up for this class  

Access details for each live class is posted on the Class Page, along with the dates for each class. We will also send a reminder email with those details before each class. If you’ve got extra time to spare and are content junkies, like us, there are additional resources you may listen to including: Meet Your Grandmother Guide Meditation, the Venus Temple Guided Journey, Sky Temple Guided Journey, and Tuning into your Chakras meditation – all located on the class page, under Bonus Audios. (Link In button above)

We realize this is a lot of content so be sure to take your time and watch or listen to whatever works for you. These are all simply additional resources should you want them and/or have extra time. This content is not going anywhere and you have until Aug 2022 before the last class.

If you have signed up for both Morning and Evening Star Series know the Evening Star information will be provided via email as we get closer to that time.

You can also access the bonus material that goes with this class directly from the Class Page. Scroll down the page to find the link and password.

Our hope is these are helpful and inspiring tools for you to use and listen to as often as you like.

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It is optional so no worries if you are not on Facebook. We have several in the class who aren’t.

We are so delighted you are joining us for this life changing journey.

Love, Light and Wise Venus Blessings!

Upcoming Leo Ceremonial Journey

Ceremonial Journeying With the Leo Meta-Goddess as she Descends and Ascends through the Chakra Gates.

No Previous Knowledge of Astrology is Necessary to engage this intimate and life changing initiation deepening your connection to the Sacred Feminine within and without!

Explore Your Venus Signature!

How would it feel and what would it take to further enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward joyfully living your soul’s purpose? 

Updated Venus Signature Series Now with 14 Classes
Diving Even Deeper Into
Your Personal Venus Signature. 

Get Your Personal Venus Reading

Dive one on one into your specific Venus signature and astrological chart. What aspects of the Feminine are you here to learn about and share with us all? 

Where does Venus fit into your entire natal chart and your Soul's evolutionary path of growth, empowerment and transformation?