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Thank you so much for signing up for this comprehensive series! We are delighted to share this sacred journey with you.

All the class materials are posted and ready to be accessed at the link below.

The Class Page is located at https://venusalchemy.com/14-class-venus-signature-series/ the password is: MyVenus
The password is case sensitive and be sure there are no spaces. Save this information to re-access the page.

In case you have not yet taken a Venus Alchemy Course, there are additional videos and support documents posted on the class page to support your journey.

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Journeying With the
Aries Goddess
as Wild Warrior Woman
Restoring the
Cosmic Balance
Ascending through
Inanna’s Seven Gates

Explore Your Venus Signature!

How would it feel and what would it take to fully enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose?

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