Soul Star Chakra 8th Chakra/8th Gate Live Class

Download the PDF of the live class slides here.

Chat from live class

14:02:11 From Marcy to Everyone:
Beautiful images.!!!
14:21:41 From meridith to Everyone:
My son’s SUN is 29 degrees LIBRA 53 mins. In the 4th. With his CANCER asc and Mars…he’s having big year but happy to have the Scorpio node move off his natal Mercury!
14:24:19 From Victoria P to Everyone:
My Venus is 28 Libra 46
14:26:16 From iPhone (8)lace to Everyone:
My Rising is 29 Libra
14:27:39 From Gerdella Moody to Everyone:
My Sun is 28 Libra
14:28:12 From meridith to Everyone:
Takes note on how that 29 degree rising and Sun plays out.
14:28:35 From iPhone (8)lace to Everyone:
Reacted to “Takes note on how th…” with ❤️
14:29:03 From Gerdella Moody to Everyone:
Reacted to “Takes note on how th…” with ❤️
14:30:22 From meridith to Everyone:
Feeling like I want to have a goodbye Venus party send off!
14:30:48 From Victoria P to Everyone:
14:31:00 From Gerdella Moody to Everyone:
Reacted to “Feeling like I want …” with ❤️
14:31:20 From Bethany to Everyone:
That Venus-Moon conjunction in the underworld, is that considered a different type of gate? Like the gate of some unknown/unfixed chakra?
14:35:24 From Aunsheen Arianna to Everyone:
then will we be able to see venus as am star AND evening if we have a low enough horizon line
14:51:10 From laurie rae to Everyone:
Awesome correlation to this current Capricorn Grandmother Cycle – love this Wisdom – thx Sheridan!
14:53:56 From meridith to Everyone:
Very much appreciate the plant tool reminders.
15:01:43 From Fay Senner to Everyone:
I love that idea Cayelin – can you put the book title in the chat. Thx
15:02:12 From meridith to Everyone:
YES! This idea of linking with the chakras sounds powerful!
15:02:28 From iPhone (8)lace to Everyone:
Reacted to “YES! This idea of li…” with 👌
15:02:43 From Bethany to Everyone: Book available in pdf format on Amazon or straight from her site
15:02:44 From Fay Senner to Everyone:
I see it here, Unplugging the Patriarchy
15:03:14 From Marcy to Everyone:
If one doesn’t read the book and they join and listen in?
15:16:03 From laurie rae to Everyone:
POWERFUL! Blessings to ALL xo
15:17:02 From meridith to Everyone:
Lovely to be with you’ll on the journey
15:18:00 From Gerdella Moody to Everyone:
Deeply appreciate the opportunity to be present on this sacred journey with you all. Peaceful and so Supportive
15:23:16 From laurie rae to Everyone:
Congrats Fay! xo
15:24:05 From Marcy to Everyone:
Thank you.
15:25:53 From Karen’s iPad to Everyone:
Thank you to. Everyone!❤️🌺🌻
15:31:06 From Lafae to Everyone:
Very appreciative to join you all today! Wishing you the best Aunsheen, and everyone who is wishing for support. This group brings so much guidance and it is remarkable to be growing so much through these studies. Blessings to all, oxoxox
15:31:26 From Aunsheen Arianna to Everyone:
if you have a iPhone or smart phone, you can record Flor de Mayo singing the lullaby and her prayer at the end….
15:31:57 From iPhone (8)lace to Everyone:
Reacted to “Very appreciative to…” with ❤️
15:32:03 From iPhone (8)lace to Everyone:
Reacted to “if you have a iPhone…” with 👌
15:40:17 From Marcy to Everyone:
Brightest Blessings to All.
15:42:01 From Regina to Everyone:
Full up! Thank you all 🙂

Questions and Excercises that might be helpful to complete before the 8th Chakra Gate Class to share in our break out session.

Venus Recap (Left Brain/Akashic Records) Using your Venus Journal and/or other journals or memory, revisit the timeline of this Venus Cycle. Consider dividing it according to Descending Chakra Gates, Underworld, and Ascending Chakra Gates. Journal on each period and create a summary.

Shadow Records/Meeting Your Demons: Journal honestly on what you regret, missed opportunities, demons you feel are still with you.

“Book of Life” Positive Review: Journal on these events from just the positive perspective, wearing “rose colored glasses.” Especially regarding your regrets (above) note what were positive outcomes from your choices or lack of action?Soul Star Chakra Integration/Right Brain: From reflections above, create a Mantra and/or choose images for each Chakra and create one or more of the following:

*A vision board
*An oracle deck for each gate and the underworld
*Choose an object for each chakra to place on your Venus Altar.

Soul Star Chakra Evening Star Meditation 22:22 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Venus Eighth Soul Star Chakra Mediation Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Venus Temple Soul Star Chakra Ceremony 7 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

A download version of this audio is currently undergoing technical difficulites.

Thank you Arianna Aunsheen for sharing this
Movie about the Grandmothers  with Venus Alchemy!

Music for 8th Chakra

Honoring Jeffery Grundtner for his presence in this group over the last 8 years and Peter Klein (my BHE – Best Husband Ever) who has either been present or behind the scenes helping us create our website and uploading content before Divi, along with other technical stuff.

There have been several other men through the 8 yearsWe are ever so grateful for the masculine presence that has supported us through this journey from the very beginning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!