Chat From the Live Class

12:10:24 From Michael Wilson : HELL YES!
12:25:08 From Carole MASSIN : Thank you Marykern & Charisse for the conversation 🙂
12:25:52 From KAREN : Thank you Sheridan and Victoria!
12:28:58 From Charisse – : Cayelin or Tami Jan 8 is also the day when Mars moves into Taurus, I believe. Do you see any significance with that?
12:39:05 From Fay Senner : It is interesting that it coincides with Venus’s journey
12:41:26 From DeArah : It SEEMS to be HARD!!
12:41:47 From DeArah : Stubborn Taurus will meet Uranus!
12:42:18 From Trish Alexander : Aquarius is fixed energy too …. (FYI for those who don’t know…In Shamanic Astrology we don’t say fixed signs (implying stuck or unmoving) but rather Signs of Self-Exploration with a focus on learning about the self in a healthy way – of course there is the shadow side too…and that can be stubborn for sure!)
12:42:46 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Is the next 8th gate the Earth Star Chakra?? the slide said Soul Star Chakra….(It should have said Earth Star Chakra)
12:44:32 From DeArah : My little Gemini Moon too!
12:46:42 From Michael Wilson : Beautiful illustration—fiery roots
12:47:01 From Sue G : Was just going to say that about that picture
12:48:53 From Michael Wilson : Why not?
12:49:01 From Leslie Ashman : Early Feb also time of imbolc & celebration of Brigid
12:51:42 From Neera Singh : Menehune
12:51:53 From Neera Singh : Menehune are the “little people” of Hawai’i
12:52:36 From Neera Singh : The menehune are known to be exceptionally strong- able to move mountains, streams, etc…
13:08:09 From DeArah : Perfect w the Saturn Jupiter theme too!
13:11:39 From Anjuli : Thank you for lifting her up and her powerful work, and this great inequity in our communities when it comes to care around COVID and health.
13:12:01 From Kathy Stanley : Thanks for letting us know… will be sending prayers and love for her and her community..
13:14:03 From Paula Gorelick : <3 Fay
13:14:21 From Paula Gorelick : (heart)
13:14:22 From Anjuli : So much bravery in your vulnerability. Thank you for sharing. You will be in my prayers. So much love to you.
13:14:30 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : We are here with you Fay… holding you in our hearts and prayers… thank you for your courage in sharing this…
13:14:33 From KAREN : You bet, Fay! I will keep you in my prayers!
13:14:38 From Zita Christian : Fay, you are held!
13:14:38 From Kathy Stanley : will hold you with love and prayers Fay
13:14:43 From Aurora Farber : Witnessing you Fay in this initiation and sending you so much love and healing prayers. <3
13:14:48 From Sue G : Love and support Fay
13:14:53 From Mary Byron (she/her) : We will be here with you. Sending prayers and here is a resource Faye about telling a new story about cancer.
13:14:54 From Marcy : Sending you love light and strength.
13:15:00 From Micheline : Is there a way beyond our prayers that she can use the nrg of what is going on to release, accept, heal?
13:15:07 From Saraeko : I SEE AND FEEL YOU ALSO FAY
13:15:13 From Devi Wetterer : we are all here for you in this loving healing container
13:16:23 From Saraeko : YES THANK YOU
13:16:26 From Mary Byron (she/her) : is the website for the video I posted
13:16:29 From Aurora Farber : Seeing you dear Fay “encircled in LOVE”…
13:19:55 From KAREN : Saraeko–sending you love and strength for you too!
13:20:10 From Anjuli : Sending you so much care Saraeko, thank you for all you do.
13:20:57 From Aurora Farber : Sending you love Saraeko <3
13:21:42 From Kathy Stanley : Sending you and your community so much love and prayers Saraeko
13:22:02 From Charisse – : FAY…..Seeing you in wholeness & perfect health, that you may open, feel, allow & receive nourishment, nurturing, motherly love. Sending angelic Light, Love & Harmony
13:22:09 From Fay Senner : Sending you so much love Saraeko
13:22:12 From Saraeko : Thanks so so Much Everyone
13:23:20 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Thanks so much for being here Saraeko… we send you so much love and healing light and to Detroit… my birth home this life… may your heart be lifted… holding space for you in all your service to your community…
13:23:47 From Charisse – : Saraeko may you feel the Rainbow, Prism Light of Love, Support & Divine Protection for you, your community & relations!
13:23:49 From Devi Wetterer : much love to you Saraeko
13:24:07 From Paula Gorelick : sending Reiki energy to Fay and Saraeko
13:24:37 From Saraeko : I love the Reiki Energy yes I feel it
13:26:03 From Fay Senner : Thank you everyone the energy with our group is palpable, (I) and we are learning to see with LOVE.
13:28:07 From Saraeko : yes I agree
13:28:13 From Fay Senner : Facing ones mortality can really be a gift. Feeling you Tami.
13:28:30 From Anjuli : This is really powerful, what you shared Tami. To turn towards our numbness and dissociation as the place where our hearts open to something greater. Thank you. Bravery in your vulnerability.
13:31:47 From KAREN : What you are saying, Jeffery, reminds me of Martin Prechtal’s book on grief (The Smell of Rain on Dust)
13:32:08 From Neera Singh : A great resource is Thomas Hubl who works with healing collective trauma. He is very skilled at working in virtual communities. He is very skilled at what he does.
13:32:32 From Carole MASSIN : I see you Paula… “bon courage” as we say in French
13:32:46 From Paula Gorelick : Merci, Carole
13:32:55 From Paula Gorelick : I lost a beloved uncle on Dec 16
13:32:57 From Fay Senner : I had the opportunity to see that video of your grief ceremony Jeffery and it was very powerful. The work you do is so needed, sending you my love.
13:33:03 From Carole MASSIN : With Love
13:33:14 From Paula Gorelick : ma cherie
13:33:23 From Saraeko : I feel you also Paula
13:33:34 From Paula Gorelick : thank you, Saraeko
13:33:49 From Paula Gorelick : I can feel his presence
13:34:41 From Carole MASSIN : Thank you Jeffrey
13:34:49 From DeArah : Grief fits in to the snake shedding it’s skin!
13:34:58 From Saraeko : Thanks Jeffery
13:34:59 From Paula Gorelick : Thank you, Jeffrey, my fellow empath
13:35:21 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Thank you Jeffrey

Morning Star Root Chakra Meditation - 18 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Root Chakra Toning with Claudette

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The Sun is opposite Sirius on January 4 and Venus is Opposite Sirius on January 19. Around these dates are more good times to Wish Upon Our Brightest Star in the Evening sky as shared in the 6 minute video below – just in case you haven’t seen it yet!

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