Transformation in the

Belly of the Goddess


by Nicki Scully

with Venus Alchemy


Let’s journey with the Leo Sekhmet Goddess TOGETHER!

Welcome to the Venus Alchemy Book Club!

We are reading Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess by Nicki Scully via Zoom.

This offering is FREE and OPEN to ALL! You do not have to be a part of our current Leo Venus Morning Star Journey to participate. (Of course, we’d be thrilled to have you join us for that too! Learn more about that class here.)

Schedule and Reading

There is no set reading to participate in the book group.

This is a personal alchemical healing process between you and Sekhmet. Please read and move through the book at your own inspired rate.

Please come to the group no matter how much you have read.  You have a perspective and we want to hear it. We’ll be learning from each other’s life experiences.

Here is the PDF slides of the names of Sekhmet with insights on how to engage this practice. Also included
are the slides from a personal story I shared about Sekhmet when I got a direct message from her in October 2022. Here is the Video I created that goes with those slides.


Our next meeting

Bonus last meeting in early June — Date and Time TBD

Last meeting recording

Jan 11 group, available until June final meeting

Zoom link for all meetings

Passcode is Venus

We are really happy to be sharing in this powerful journey with you!!

Cayelin and Sheridan

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Venus Love, Light and Blessings to you!