The Aries Venus Synodic Cycle is a VENUS RETURN for you if you were born near* or between any of the following dates:

April 24, 1937 to November 26, 1938
April 22, 1945 to November 24, 1946
April 20, 1953 to November 21, 1954
April 17, 1961 to November 19, 1962
April 15, 1969 to November 16, 1970
April 13, 1977 to November 14, 1978
April 10, 1985 to November 11, 1986
April 06, 1993 to November 09, 1994
April 05, 2001 to November 07, 2002
April 03, 2009 to November 05, 2010

*NOTE: If you were born within a week or two of these exact dates either before the first date or after the second date you may also be in a Venus Return as Venus is always Retrograde at that time. Due to the nature of the Venus cycle there is a shift of a couple of days from one cycle to the next.

Also if you have personal planets, angles or nodes in Aries this cycle is personal to you as well.

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