Soul Star Chakra 8th Chakra/8th Gate

8th gate Evening Star Evergreen video PDF

Soul Star Evergreen Chakra Video 8th Gate Venus Temple Journey near the bottom of the page.

Questions and Excercises that might be helpful to complete before the 8th Chakra Gate Class to share in our break out session.

Venus Recap (Left Brain/Akashic Records) Using your Venus Journal and/or other journals or memory, revisit the timeline of this Venus Cycle. Consider dividing it according to Descending Chakra Gates, Underworld, and Ascending Chakra Gates. Journal on each period and create a summary.

Shadow Records/Meeting Your Demons: Journal honestly on what you regret, missed opportunities, demons you feel are still with you.

“Book of Life” Positive Review: Journal on these events from just the positive perspective, wearing “rose colored glasses.” Especially regarding your regrets (above) note what were positive outcomes from your choices or lack of action?Soul Star Chakra Integration/Right Brain: From reflections above, create a Mantra and/or choose images for each Chakra and create one or more of the following:

*A vision board
*An oracle deck for each gate and the underworld
*Choose an object for each chakra to place on your Venus Altar.

Soul Star Chakra Evening Star Meditation 22:22 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Venus Eighth Soul Star Chakra Mediation Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Venus Temple Soul Star Chakra Ceremony 7 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Updated link and audio coming soon

To download the Venus Temple Soul Star Chakra Ceremony Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Music for 8th Chakra