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Chat for the Above Video

This is an especially important chat celebrating Tami and her announcement.

12:07:35 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Gorgeous Meditation Tami!! <3
12:31:35 From Trish : volcano erupted in Indonesia today!!
12:34:58 From Fay Senner : Happiest of Birthdays you dear Tami <3
12:35:59 From Paula Gorelick : Happy Birthday, Tami!
12:36:21 From Faye Callaway : I am currently in my Chiron return in Aries -so curious how Dec 19th will shift things!
12:39:08 From Paula Gorelick : I have Saturn and Jupiter at 25 Cap!
12:39:43 From Lauren Dyer : Tami, do you mean activating anything at say 23 degrees in your chart?
12:45:25 From Jeffery Grundtner : Lakota saw the Twins as a boy and a girl. it is associated with Bear Lodge aka Devils Tower.
12:45:38 From Fay Senner : When does Uranus conjunct the NN?
12:57:47 From Sue G : wow the daemons… on point for me right now
12:58:00 From Faye Callaway : Seeing the Mercury/Venus/Jupiter connection there!
13:00:54 From Dewi Maile Lim – @alohadev : YES!
13:05:03 From Anid Rosa : dragon awakens
13:12:46 From Lace : Thank you for all you have been to me/ our group! You continue to inspire me by walking a new path.. so much courage. I love you❣️
13:12:59 From KarenElizabeth : Honoring & witnessing you sister 💞
13:13:33 From Saraeko : Wow, a Deep Bow of Appreciation
13:13:36 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : We bless and honor your process beloved Tami… You such a gifted being… so happy you are honoring your truth and following your heart!
13:13:48 From Mary Byron (she/her) : Your integrity and honesty are inspiring. will miss you and look forward to seeing what comes next for you!
13:14:28 From maryfullwood : Thanks for modeling a braveness – beautiful Tami!
13:14:49 From Genevieve Chavez Mitchell : Thank you so much Tami for being your beautiful self!!
13:14:50 From Zita Christian : What we weave is never fully useful until it is cut from the loom.
13:15:02 From Fay Senner : We love you Tami and respect your wishes and can’t wait to see what you create in the future.
13:15:06 From Laynita L Cichy-Berkebile : It’s okay to cry and it’s been an honor to get to know you. Always follow your heart!
13:15:28 From Estela : Blessings to you Tami in your Journey 💗
13:15:38 From Saraeko : Bow to you Cayelin for holding us all
13:15:46 From Kathy Stanley : Love and blessings to you Tami… thank you for you have done for us… <3
13:15:50 From Paula Gorelick : I’m not crying – you’re crying!”
13:16:02 From Laynita L Cichy-Berkebile : Letting go is always a bit hard.
13:16:04 From Lauren Dyer : Yes, thank you for showing us what sparkly Gemini Rainbow magic and courage looks like. Love
13:18:30 From Estela : Sheridan, you’ll have great success , blessings to you in this new endeavor. 🍭
13:18:38 From Trish : Deepest blessings and gratitude to you, Tami.
13:20:34 From Saraeko : Wow, Welcome Sheridan, You will be just Great
13:21:09 From Deborah : Congratulations to All!
13:21:14 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Tami you have been so AMAZING!!
13:23:03 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : We love you so much Tami!!
13:23:36 From Dewi Maile Lim – @alohadev : Celebrating this alignment and shift. Much Aloha
13:23:54 From Laurence Deprez : Thank you Tami. You are such a natural speaker from the heart. You are definitely channeling when you take us on journeys. Keep doing your beautiful work and it will benefit everyone you touch. 🙏🏻
13:25:49 From Anid Rosa : Tami best of luck! blessings to you
13:26:12 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : May your journey ahead be divinely blessed with so much love, beauty and grace! <3
13:26:28 From Saraeko : think i loss sound
13:26:42 From Paula Gorelick : Thank you, Tami, for sharing your soul with us!
13:28:06 From Karen Oakley : making choices from the heart, the best teacher you could be. thankyou for your integrity, joy, love and starry earth wisdom. 💚
welcome to Sheridan. 💖🧚‍♂️💖
13:28:42 From Drew : Thank you Tami for your beautiful light, courage and easy,clear and fun expression. Much gratitude for your being. Lots of Love
13:30:04 From Saraeko : Ashe
13:30:58 From Sheridan Semple (she/her) : Thank you so much!
13:31:17 From Sheridan Semple (she/her) : Thank you everyone for the warm welcome
13:35:46 From Zita Christian : Mary, I applaud your courage. As you unwind your memories, consider adding to your morning routine the simple ritual of stirring your morning beverage counterclockwise to symbolize unwinding. Sending hugs.
13:37:11 From Lace : Time to regain any sense of power you lost. I see and feel a very brave woman❤️
13:37:28 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Healing blessings to you beloved Mary… this sounds like such a perfectly aligned time for you to do this powerful ceremony! Sounds divinely aligned… we honor your deeply for doing this for yourself and for all women and all beings! We send you so much love and blessings for this ceremony! <3 <3 <3
13:37:48 From Saraeko : Mary you give me courage , Deep thanks for openness and sharing your experience.
13:38:28 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Love to you all! Have to leave in a moment! <3
13:39:28 From Trish : this sounds like a beautiful healing ritual for you, Mary. Much love to you on your journey xo
13:39:48 From Karen Oakley : blessings of empowerment and reclamation Mary. it feels you are being guided by Venus and Pluto. it will be perfect. xxx
13:42:55 From Paula Gorelick : I wish I didn’t have to drop off – many blessings!
13:44:44 From Trish : Thank you for a deeply meaningful class and enjoy your journey through the 8th gate and retrograde. Apologies for having to leave early especially during this sacred time.
13:45:56 From Kathy Stanley : Thank you everyone… blessings for this gate and retrograde…
13:46:47 From Saraeko : Arianna, would you share that place again maybe in our fb group.
13:49:35 From Saraeko : Ashe
13:49:53 From arianna : Yes, Cayelin and Tami I am in concurrence with the gifts of the masc/fem….and i am called to speak to the fem body and healing….but not without valuing the sacred masculine, as that is a big part of a vision I walk with….
13:52:00 From Michelle Camilleri : Shedding so many layers of patterns this year, the old survival patterns, i have felt behind for a decade – and through the play with this group feel like i am reviving my true humanity. Although this is my first journey, you have all meant a lot to me. Thank you Mary for inspiring action to this healing. Thank you Tami, you are a big role model! Thank you Cayelin for all your teaching, and Drew for being my buddy and guide. Deep Love and appreciation to all of you <3<3<3
13:55:31 From arianna : Thank you Jeffery for your dedication and presence and your good words…..
13:56:14 From Saraeko : yes

Honoring Jeffery Grundtner for his presence in this group over the last 8 years and
Peter Klein (my BHE – Best Husband Ever) who has either been present or behing the scenes
helping us create our website and uploading content before Divi, along with other technical stuff.

There have been several other men through the 8 years as well including Michael Wilson in this Gemini Cycle who is studying Shamanic Astrology and about to be certified!

We are ever so grateful for the masculine presence that has supported us through this journey from the very beginning.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Questions and Excercises that might be helpful to complete before the 8th Chakra Gate Class to share in our break out session.

Venus Recap (Left Brain/Akashic Records) Using your Venus Journal and/or other journals or memory, revisit the timeline of this Venus Cycle. Consider dividing it according to Descending Chakra Gates, Underworld, and Ascending Chakra Gates. Journal on each period and create a summary.

Shadow Records/Meeting Your Demons: Journal honestly on what you regret, missed opportunities, demons you feel are still with you.

“Book of Life” Positive Review: Journal on these events from just the positive perspective, wearing “rose colored glasses.” Especially regarding your regrets (above) note what were positive outcomes from your choices or lack of action?Soul Star Chakra Integration/Right Brain: From reflections above, create a Mantra and/or choose images for each Chakra and create one or more of the following:

*A vision board
*An oracle deck for each gate and the underworld
*Choose an object for each chakra to place on your Venus Altar.

Soul Star Chakra Evening Star Meditation 22:22 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Venus Eighth Soul Star Chakra Mediation Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Venus Temple Soul Star Chakra Ceremony 7 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

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Music for 8th Chakra