8th Gate Death by Intent
Earth Star Chakra and Underworld

8th gate Gemini Venus Underworld PDF

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Resources that might be helpful
Watch the Movie Hook with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman on Netflix or you can rent it on Amazon for $2.99
Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women (and men)
Descent of Inanna as told by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Kramer
See the 27 minute ceremonial journey below. It is also on the Bonus Content page.

Chat from our Live Session

12:24:19 From Trish Alexander : does this mean Venus is out of bounds?
12:25:12 From Elizabeth T : No Trish, OOBounds is something else
12:25:24 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Got to see the Moon with Antares though the other morning which was so exciting!
12:25:46 From Zanna Gruber : I’m in Massachusetts, not on the coast. Haven’t seen Venus since before the 7th gate.
12:26:24 From Elizabeth T : Ive been looking here in Hawaii and haven’t seen her this week, but we have low clouds on horizon so will keep watching
12:47:15 From DeArah : funny Tami!
12:49:29 From DeArah : ouchie!
12:50:38 From DeArah : me too!
13:00:47 From Paula Gorelick : yes!
13:06:12 From Mary Kern : Neverland in that way is Netherland!
13:06:18 From Paula Gorelick : lol
13:06:51 From Fay Senner : It’s a great movie!
13:07:01 From DeArah : This is so powerful in the sweetest way!!!
13:08:19 From Sonali Deepika (she/her) : Can you post the link to sign-up here?
13:09:09 From Tami Brunk : https://venusalchemy.com/gemini-evening-star-sales-page-2021/
13:09:16 From Becca : really good question!
13:10:00 From Melody : I thought that Erishkagal’s husband died or something?
13:10:30 From Sonali Deepika (she/her) : Thanks, Tami!
13:10:32 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : YEs… Ereshigal was grieving this loss.
13:10:53 From Zanna Gruber : Inanna goes to the underworld for the funeral of Ereskigal’s husband, the bull of heaven, who has died
13:10:58 From Melody : Innana had to go down because of the bro-in-law
13:11:03 From Melody : Yes, Zanna
13:11:24 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : and to console her grieving sister who is enraged with her…
13:12:50 From Becca : I have a couple of Sumerian texts… I am going to review that… maybe mention on our page. I long for the historical version.
13:13:30 From Estela : the grieving always open the heart
13:14:27 From DeArah : Like the two sides of Sekhmet; the fierce power of love!
13:14:42 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : YES
13:15:36 From Meredith McKelvie : Who were the authors?
13:16:00 From Becca : Yes, please repeat those authors. thanks.
13:16:21 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : Diane Wolkstein is one I believe.
13:16:36 From Meredith McKelvie : thx
13:16:50 From Kathy Stanley : Uncursing the Dark: Treasures from the Underworld by Betty De Shong Meador is also an excellent book
13:17:41 From Kathy Stanley : There is a new Inanna book coming out soon by Judy Grahn – I will let you know when it is out. This year I think
13:18:19 From Becca : yay, have the betty meador book.
13:22:49 From DeArah : The Underworld Gemini Heyoke trickster on itself! “You want me to go where and do what?!” My Gemini Moon and my Mars in Taurus, engaged and ready!
13:27:07 From Mary Kern : 3,6,9 This is time! Time to employ…..A brand New Joy!
13:28:04 From Elizabeth T : Thank you Fay for asking those questions. ancient.eu has more info on Ereshkigal’s story that I am excited to explore more
13:29:27 From Melody : i have Chiron in Aquarius and I’m having lots of things coming up. Fun times!
13:33:33 From Fay Senner : I have Chiron in Aquarius too Melody, and a lot is coming up, not sure I would call it “fun” but maybe I need to change my perception of this. I am going to work very deliberately during this New Moon on the 11th when Venus is with the Moon and conjunct my Chiron, asking to see and do the inner healing.
13:34:03 From Paula Gorelick : love it
13:34:54 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico : THANK YOU!! <3
13:35:05 From Genevieve Chavez Mitchell : Thank you All!!! Sending blessings!!!
13:35:11 From Nancy Lankston : thank you
13:35:22 From Mary Byron (she/her) : Thank you so much –

Venus Underworld Meditation - 19 minutes

by Cayelin Castell

To download the Underworld Venus Meditation Audio click HERE

27 minute Journey through the Inanna Story

by by Cayelin K Castell

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