The Gemini Meta Goddess
by Cayelin K Castell

Venus made her Initiatory Journey in Gemini from June 17, 1996 to Jan 21, 1998, when this article was first written. 24 years later (June of 2020) I am sharing these insights as Venus began her Gemini journey on June 9/10, 2020 to January 13, 2022. (See table below for more dates going back to 1932 and forward to 2038).

Every 8 years Venus rises before the Sun in the sign of Gemini. Since 1996 Venus rose in Gemini on June 14, 2004 and June 12, 2012. In 2020, Venus rises before the Sun (a.k.a. heliacal rise) in Gemini on June 09 in her closest alignment in 104 years to the magical star Aldebaran during her heliacal rise. (more about the significance of this will be shared in another article)

This begins a 584 day journey integrating the Feminine Version of the Gemini Archetype into the collective psyche of humanity.

I shared the following Gemini Feminine ways of expressing in 1996 as a way to inspire conscious participation with the intent that it would help spark further exploration of this unique expression of the feminine.

1996 Insights

When healthy, Gemini is a magical, youthful, playful energy. She desires to be honored for her brilliant, free mind and her connection to the creative muse. She is independent, quick thinking, and unpredictable.

She primarily discovers herself through expressing her creativity. She does not need to be in relationship or doing for others to know who she is as long as she has a playful, fun and inspired creative outlet.

She is the Rainbow Goddess of light and promise. Iris is a fairly well known Rainbow Goddess who is the female counterpart to Hermes, the messenger. She is also a winged Goddess,
a bringer of news and information and a messenger

She is known for her ability to unify opposites and to conduct people where they most need to go as a pyschopomp or guide for souls.

If a person needs to go to the underworld for a specific initiation, she takes them there.
If a person needs an initiation in the transcendental realms, she takes them there. She can also take them to many other realms and dimensions when called upon to do so.

However, Iris does not originate in any one place or dimension.  She is where ever she wants to be, creatively expressing and communicating who she is, wherever she is.

She is the shape shifter, the trickster, the coyote, the entertainer. She is a story teller, telling the stories that magically weave reality into new possibilities beyond what has been previously believed possible. She stretches our sense of reality in ways that are entertaining, humorous and fun.

She is a weaver of magic, a magician.  The magician’s magic is found in the mental realms, the dimension of spirit. She is a mistress of illusion – stretching the mind into seeing another perspective, beyond the boundaries of our currently known reality.

This magic works because once the mind has been stretched, it can never completely return to its previous reality. Growth and evolution are the automatic results, inspite of any tendencies to remain in the comfort zone of familiarity. It may take time and more than one story to facilitate this change but it will happen.

The Gemini Goddess operates beyond rational, linear, logic.  She sees the humor in life and creatively seeks to express it. Creativity is her essence. It nourishes her existence, and is vital to her sense of freedom and aliveness.

She must communicate her creativity in some way, to know herself. Her mind is brilliant, her humor is freeing.

She may express as a gypsy or wandering minstrel, with no particular home or roots, finding she is at home wherever she is. Or she may be rooted and grounded with a physical home, but her mind, her creativity, her brilliance, find ways to freely communicate and express.

Freedom is key to her fulfillment. She is beyond the rules of society. She is even beyond the rules of the physical world. She willingly jumps into the unknown, knowing she is free to spread her wings and fly.

When the Gemini Goddess is on the world stage expect the unexpected, expect to experience new realms and dimensions, expect to be creatively inspired, expect to have fun, expect to play in new ways, as these are all in the domain of true freedom.

Stay tuned for additional insights into how Gemini is showing up in 2020.

You are invited to join Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk and the growing Venus Alchemy community on a guided journey through the Gemini Venus Cycle, a profound initiation of descent, ascent and renewal into the playful creational realms.

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