Heart Chakra Gate

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Heart Chakra Gemini Morning Star Class PDF

Heart Chakra Gemini Morning Star Home Play

Note: it may take a minute for the audios to load.

Venus Morning Star Heart Chakra Gate Video – nearly 60 minutes

Heart Chakra Morning Star Venus PDF

Radical Forgiveness Worksheets
From Colin Tipping author of Radical Forgiveness
4 Steps to Radical Forgiveness
Radical Forgiveness Worksheet

Heart Chakra Journey - 16.5 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Venus Temple Heart Chakra Ceremony - 15 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

Wings of the Heart - Heart Chakra Sounds

by Jonathan Goldman

Heart Chakra Mantra From Claudette Thomas

by Om Tare Tu Tare Ture So Ha

Toning Links

Find more links and an Introductory Video from Claudette
on Chakra Toning at link below


4th Gate Heart Chakra Gate Toning PDF from Claudette

Get Wings of the Heart HERE

A 5 minute video with Gregg Braden sharing about the heart
and a technique
for accessing answers you can trust. 


The title of the Movie below Finding Joe
is referring to Joseph Campbell’s Hero~ines Quest
through the Mono-myth and the stories
we are living and telling ourselves.
The power of facing our fears and
being willing to write our own story.