Making Peace with the Dark Goddess And the Ascent JourneyCayelin_April_2016

by Cayelin K Castell

On February 19, 2018 Venus rises from the Underworld as the Aries Wild Warrior Woman Meta-Goddess to begin the process of reclaiming her true self, having released all the distortions she had previously collected on her journey to the underworld.

Venus/Inanna/Aries is now a fully initiated Goddess having gone through a shamanic death that required her to die to who she believed herself to be so she could be reborn into who she truly is as the Self-Sufficient, Confident, Fierce Protector of the Cosmic Balance, committed to restoring Divine Justice where ever needed. If we have been paying attention to this journey this is true for us all.

In the Underworld, Venus/Inanna came face to face with her sister Ereshkigal, the Dark Goddess, Queen of the Underworld. In this phase of the Inanna journey we had the opportunity to explore whatever we have disowned or denied within ourselves. To grieve any losses we have encountered including the loss of self or who we thought we were.

Face to Face with the Dark Goddess
At first the Dark Goddess is terrifying. Erishkigal is angry, filled with her own pain, her own losses and immense grief that she expresses as rage toward her sister Inanna. She fixes the eye of Death on Inanna, strikes her dead and hangs her on the wall as some sort of weird revenge-filled trophy…

Then we find the Dark Goddess surrendering to her grief, frustration and lament. As she is expressing her pain, she finds it is witnessed and reflected back to her, without judgment. She feels understood, heard, gotten! She feels healed from the deep agony of her pain. In a sense she too is reborn. Note: You can hear a beautiful audio version of this part of the Inanna story in the opening moments of the video posted at the end of this article.

Making Peace With The Dark Goddess is as simple as acknowledging and honoring the pain we have all felt and buried inside. Therefore, the underworld time is a time for looking deeply at what we have not fully acknowledged within ourselves. Being willing to fully Face the Dark Goddess and offer up the pain, frustration, wounding, trauma, fear of not being good enough, or not being loved, or not having enough, or not being enough or whatever it is – facilitates the intended initiation and transformation needed for the Goddess (YOU) to return in her full glory.

No matter how accomplished we are in the outer world, no matter how much philanthropic work we do, no matter how kind and caring we are toward others, until we can accept and acknowledge the deep, dark, scary places within, we will always be at the effect of the Dark Goddess. When we can face her, cry with her, rage with her, feel what we feel with her, kick, scream, yell, cuss the air, hit a pillow, or express in ways that are safe – not direct it at someone because as much as it may feel like it is about someone else, this is about you – then that is when we are liberated and free to express our genuine essence that is buried under the pain.

The Wisdom that originally orchestrated Inanna’s descent into the underworld also arranges for her return. This story is a profound teaching that describes what is needed to successfully navigate the initiations of life.

As Inanna passed through the gates of initiation into the Underworld she encountered her shadow parts – the uncertainties and inconsistencies she carried inside – giving them all up to the gatekeeper when she turned over each vestment symbolizing a specific chakra, surrendering all the distortions connected to that chakra energy.

This is the underworld initiation of death and rebirth that we all encounter. This is the gift of Inanna’s journey as she faces her own shadow, her own dark goddess that is a part of us all. The Dark Goddess resides in everyone and when we finally embrace her – we are reborn anew! Surrender is the key to this part of the initiation process. It is through the wisdom of surrender and trusting the death and rebirth process that brings us through this passage to a whole new more empowered and magical way of being. And so it IS!!!!

February 2018 begins the journey to reclaim a healthy relationship with all that was surrendered on the way into the underworld and at each Venus Moon conjunction in the evening sky starting in March 2018 Inanna reclaims what is being reborn anew within her, within us.

Questions to Ponder As the Goddess Rises
The underworld process began late November of 2017. While in the underworld it might help to consider what new awareness have you gained around your personal shadow issues?

In what ways have you felt in the dark about your life path, who you are, what is next for you?

What have you resisted looking at within yourself that still needs your attention and awareness?

What would it take to rise into the light of awareness and fully trust this journey of awakening and empowerment?

What have you embraced and transformed that has led to even deeper understanding and healing for you?

What are the new possibilities you can explore that reflects your true self and the gifts you have to offer?

A Collective Perspective
Clearly, the darkness of hatred, pain, and suffering have been in heightened evidence on the world stage. This is a reflection for us all to pay attention too – knowing if it is something we are seeing outside of ourselves, it is still within us. How can we access this pain within ourselves, healing it within so that it helps to heal it without in the greater collective? We have arrived at the time when it is time to reclaim who we truly are is the independent and powerful expression of the feminine rises up to express her true self. Are you ready?

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This video was created when Venus was in her Leo Underworld Phase though still very relevant for the current Aries cycle.

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