Morning Star Crown Chakra 1st Gate

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Notes from the Chat

11:41:06 From Pamela Ashley : Yes
11:41:50 From Lorrie/Pete : So excited for the Gemini Meta Goddess on the world stage…we need her sooooo
11:42:42 From Martha : I hear the coyotes here at night! Now I’ll think of all of you 🙂
11:43:51 From melody lambert : They like melons!
11:44:03 From melody lambert : I think they were called melon dogs maybe
11:47:09 From melody lambert : maybe a good time for us to write little stories
11:47:10 From Paula Gorelick : I believe that wholeheartedly
11:50:47 From Zita Christian : Maureen Murdock wrote that book
11:51:32 From Sarah Gallant : That really resonates Thank you for that insight
11:51:41 From Sheridan Semple : It’s an amazing book! Highly recommend it!
11:52:21 From Pete : It is a highly empowering book as well..
11:52:52 From Sarah Gallant : Im going to read it! 🙂
11:57:43 From Tasha Blanchette : I went out to see the Venus/Plieades alignment <3
11:58:31 From Sue G : This is ME! so exciting
11:59:27 From iPhone de Isabel : that’s so great Sue!!🌸🌸
11:59:37 From Lorrie/Pete: This is me, too! 7th Venus return, 56th year, and nodal return…so exciting and inspiring!
12:00:37 From iPhone de Isabel : 💖
12:02:18 From Leslie : August 7 is also Lughnassad cross-quarter in Celtic tradition
12:04:02 From DeArah : We just had an albino kangaroo born in safari park here last week
12:05:10 From Neera Singh : We have a white buffalo in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area too:)
12:05:40 From iPhone de Isabel : there are also the prophecy of the white lions been born in south Africa since 1975
12:06:32 From Neera Singh : yes the White lions!

12:06:54 From Fay : can you list the name of that video you referenced so we can check this out? thanks
Answer we talked about several videos and some are posted here. What was the video you were referring to?

12:07:23 From Susan : spirit bears in BC canada
12:09:22 From Chantell Van Outeniqua : The 13 Original Clan Mothers
12:09:31 From Faye Callaway : Wow I was visited by White Rainbow Dragon and Black Rainbow Dragon back in 2012. Another confirmation I am in the right place right now lol!
12:09:41 From Sofia Mona Lisa : David Wilcock is offering a class on the Rainbow Light Body now
12:11:32 From Fay : This Ted Talk is awesome!
12:15:56 From Jo Garceau : It’s fun to write your story as a fairy tale.
12:17:21 From Sofia Mona Lisa : This is interesting because when I was in my Priestess Process, I wrote my story as a fairytale. My entire Priestess Circle chastised me for it, and I was told they wanted more “dirt.”
12:17:36 From Shelley : FAVORITE!!
12:34:05 From melody lambert : Dreaming!
12:34:17 From emmawaner : DEVi has had up.
12:34:42 From melody lambert : Mercury in Gemini in a feminine way might be to dream on things….to travel in dreaming

12:35:45 From Shelley : Wondering where the chart is to find out our Meta Goddess?
Answer: It is on the bonus content page

12:38:52 From Shelley : Faye wants the cliff note version..haha
12:39:20 From Paula Gorelick : aldebaran for Dummies ! 😉
12:39:38 From Shelley : love that Paula
12:40:26 From DeArah : Is the the star that sparkles in all the rainbow colors?
12:41:26 From Faye Callaway : DeArah I love that and will keep that in my mind and heart!
12:42:03 From Fay : congratulations Paula!
12:42:31 From DeArah : So much love and joy here!

Toning Links

Find more links and an Introductory Video from Claudette
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 Crown Chakra 1st Gate Toning PDF from Claudette

The First Gate, Crown Chakra Gate – 28 minutes

Crown Chakra First Gate Release PDF


Crown Chakra Guided Journey - 21 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Crown Chakra Morning Star Meditation, Right Click HERE

Venus Temple Journey to the Crown Chakra - 11 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

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