Morning Star Crown Chakra – 1st Venus Gate

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The First Gate, Crown Chakra Gate – 28 minutes

Crown Chakra First Gate Release PDF


Video from our first Live Class on Jan 23 below

Download the pdf of the slides here

Chat from Live Class

00:44:19 Rebecca: a ga zillion
00:46:13 G Moody: So honored to be on this journey also
Peace and Love
00:46:44 Kelly Annette: Lovely to see everyone ~ blessings on our collective journey ~
00:59:05 Emma: it didn’t give choice to join or not….it automatically flung us all into room 🙂
00:59:54 Emma: I am fine here alone as I am in progress with packng college age son….so I don’t need a room thanks!!
01:01:26 Emma: fun to be flung though!!!
01:13:26 Zinnia Gupte: Why the yew tree?
01:15:34 Erica-Lynn: jan 29 my birthday
01:23:12 Paula: well said, Sheridan
01:25:28 Lisa: love
01:32:39 Paula: I have to make a plug for my birthday number magic: 02-22-2022 on a day!
01:34:14 Tinamaria: Maybe you mentioned it in the beginning not sure….but will these slides be available on the class page afterwards?
01:38:58 Victoria Peters: Maybe Senate can be replaced with Circle of grandmothers …
01:44:16 Arianna: And do away with the electoral college
01:44:32 laurie rae: As a Canadian, and our country is a Cancer Sun as is USA – I will do some research on our 1876 Constitution info here too – we have similar leadership issues too here as in USA
01:49:47 Erica-Lynn: I lost both of my grandmothers last yr this means a lot
01:53:29 Annette S: Is there an easy way to convert the dates/times of significance to CET?
01:55:40 Carolina Fernandez: Wich one is her MetaGoddess?
02:00:55 Deborah El’elia Tallarico: Interesting the Pine Cones on White Pines for the Crown Chakra and the PINEAL Gland!!!
02:01:10 Annette S: I was thinking of the times in this material please cayelin
02:01:48 Arianna: White pine is the revered tree eof peace under which the weapons of war were buried
02:05:59 Carolina Fernandez: Thank you for this beautifull class
02:06:49 Tinamaria: Do we also have access to the other slides you’ve showed us today?
02:07:36 Dayana: Thank you so much! Very interesting. Both of you transmit positive and inspiring energy
02:07:39 Carolina Fernandez: Loved all the crone images of the presentation!!
02:09:56 Salpi Yedelian: She’s also the Sea Goddess <3
02:12:34 reginanordquist: Thank you Cayelin and Sheridan and everyone! Gotta go. Looking forward to our next gathering
02:13:38 Jeffery Grundtner: Unfortunately I have to leave. Was hoping to share and intro…
02:15:16 Arianna: Signing off everyone
02:15:16 Hilary: Can you please add me to the facebook group. Thank you
02:16:56 Ilene Goldstein: Releasing and healing are not linear! Cycles, spirals, not static. Life process.
02:17:19 Arianna: So. True
02:18:05 Dayana: Thank you so much. I have to go now. And I will like to join to the FB group
02:18:45 Dayana: Positive vibrations to all of you from South Am
02:19:11 Victoria Peters: Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts archetypes has Damsel who waits in tower to be rescued by the Knight…
02:19:33 Victoria Peters: Weaver’s Oracle has lots of Crone images and traditional stories
02:23:27 Kathy Stanley: thank you Cayelin and Sheridan for this great start blessings
02:29:08 Amy Topham: Sisters of the Solstice Moon by Gina Martin
02:29:12 Zinnia Gupte: Where can we buy the artemisia?
02:30:05 laurie rae: Thank you Cayelin & Sheridan – Namaste – Loving this!
02:31:18 Erica-Lynn: looking forward to meeting everyone on FB
02:31:19 Faye Bender: Thank you both
02:31:19 Kelly Annette: Thank you so much Cayelin and Sheridan!

Crown Chakra Guided Journey - 21 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Crown Chakra Morning Star Meditation, Right Click HERE

Venus Temple Journey to the Crown Chakra - 11 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

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Toning Links

Find more links and an Introductory Video from Claudette
on Chakra Toning at link below

 Crown Chakra 1st Gate Toning PDF from Claudette

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