Journey with
the Capricorn Goddess
Wisdom of the Grandmothers
Ascending through Inanna’s Seven Gates

No Previous Knowledge of Astrology Is Necessary
Be a Part of This Remarkable Ceremonial Journey!

Would you like to help redesign a happier, healthier, more WISE World for yourself and others?

Would you like to experience greater support in living your divine destiny by joining us as co-composers in crafting and activating a New Earth reality?

Would you like to participate in “being the change” accessing the wisdom of the grandmothers in co-creating the world around you?

Women, are you ready to release any blocks to your profoundly joyous sage self?

Men, are you ready to connect more deeply with your wise inner sacred feminine?

THIS Venus Alchemy journey is just what the Dr ordered! Spiritually speaking, it is healing me in ways I’d not known were needing medicine! LOL! Love, Laurie

Join us for a ceremonial journey with the Sacred Feminine within and without. By following the path of Venus through the evening sky, we empower the Divine Feminine within. Venus represents the revered Feminine and your personal Venus sign shows what aspects of that powerful Feminine you are here to discover and share with the world.

This journey is about reconnecting to our lost ancestral practices by consciously communing with Venus as she rises into her most empowered and divine expression.

We are guided by the first written story we have from ancient Sumerian clay tablets, of the Goddess Inanna. This “myth” describes the honored passage of Venus through the sky as a path to reclaiming our Divine Power as we embrace the evening star phase of the Venus Journey ascending through the seven chakras.

The Sacred Feminine is rising up, she is returning to her full glory. She is inspiring us to be the magic makers, wise ones, grand conspirators living the New Earth story.

This sacred journey is guided by the Wise Grandmothers supporting us in forging the NEW world that works in ways that are sustainable and get the best results for the well-being and fulfillment ALL life.

This is what we were born for!!

I cannot express just with words how healing, nourishing, and supportive for my personal and spiritual growth the Venus Alchemy community has been for me 

My wish is that you both receive with great abundance in your own lives all the beautiful Blessings that you are giving so generously and wisely to the world 💖 Sonia

On January 15, 2022 beautiful Morning Star Venus will rise in Capricorn, heralding the arrival of the Wise Grandmother Goddess, known in her many names as Akka (Finish) Baba Yaga (Russian) and Cailleach (Celtic).

Since 2014, Venus Alchemy has been guiding women and men through Venus Cycles, via the re-enactment of the Inanna Journey Initiation of Descent (morning star) and Ascent (evening star).

We are excited and delighted to be reaching the Ascent journey as
Venus Rises into the Evening Sky on December 1, 2022.

What an amazing body of knowledge and self inquiry you have put together….I bow in Namaste. ~Arianna

This journey facilitates the reawakening and remembering of the Grandmother Wisdom and deep love that lives within each of us.

The Grandmothers are helping us to Implement and LIVE the in the NEW Earth Story through their wise ways that provide practical, brilliantly useful and sustainable structures where we all come together and benefit the health and well-being of our beautiful planet and each other.

The Grandmothers listen to the wisdom of the Starry Realms and then they joyfully share that wisdom with us. These wisdom-keepers are helping us know and embrace how we can easily live in joyous harmony with one another guiding us to sing the new earth into being through what we are feeling, thinking, saying and doing.


For us to gather and remember we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the wisdom keepers of the new earth. We know how to facilitate and celebrate these changes now and for the future generations.

You are invited to join Cayelin Castell and Sheridan Semple (with guest appearances from Tami Brunk) and the ever-growing Venus Alchemy community on a guided journey through the Capricorn Venus Cycle, a profound initiation of ascent and renewal into the wisely, playful creational realms.

“Here is a shout out to you both for this extraordinary Venus journey and the incredibly provocative content, questions, and home play for this course!!!! It has been and will continue to be transformational for me!!! And thank you to all the participants whose collective energy and intentions has made this such a magical journey!”  ~ Lorrie M

Video Below with Cayelin and Sheridan 

Redefining Crone, Hag, Witch  
With 5 Modern Day
Grandmothers, Crones, Wise Women
as a feature of the Capricorn Cycle
lasting until August 18, 2023

“I am so grateful I gave myself this gift of doing this Venus journey with you during my Venus Return. I have just signed up for the Evening Star Journey too and am so excited. This has been such an amazing life changing experience for me.”  ~ Amy

“AMAZING!! I feel invigorated!! Thank you both for sharing and embodying this beautiful sacred work and journey!! I look forward to implementing these tools as part of my daily practice. Sending so much love and blessings!!”  ~ Shelley

The tale of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna is literally patterned after the Venus Cycle and over the course of this Evening Star Venus Series you will experience a rare opportunity to recreate this sacred ceremony in your own life.

Venus rose as Morning Star, closest to Vega in 104 years, on January 15, 2022 and enters the underworld on September 14, 2022 completing her Morning Star Journey.

Venus is in her underworld initiation. Venus rises as Evening Star on December 1 and finishes her Capricorn journey on August 18, 2023.

Ancient cultures enacted the Venus Cycle via the mythic story of Inanna’s Descent into and Ascent from the Underworld ceremonially because they knew the power of group intent.

“We are all in this together. It is a trying yet promising time in the world. Women joining hearts is a powerful force of beauty. I’ve had a lot of wounding from women in my life. This strong, beautiful circle is offering such healing of old wounds. Surely, the divine feminine energy from our collective is radiating to others as we each move about in our daily lives.”  ~ Alisé A

“I am so glad I am taking this course and am in this community. It probably has saved my sanity and brought me such pleasure in learning the story of Inanna. Having this teaching has made the journey into the underworld through the chakras so rich. I have so loved what you have shared here…”  ~ Adele Michal

Evening Star Venus Online Series

December 1, 2022 to August 18, 2023, Venus is in her Evening Star Ascent Phase ascending through Inanna’s Seven Chakra Gates (plus an 8th Gate of Ascension) releasing all that blocks her from healthy expressions of empowerment, embodiment and wisdom. 

At each gate you will experience in depth experiential tools, including guided journeys, star maps, home play, chakra meditations and invocations, that reveal the hidden mysteries of this initiatory ascent journey as Venus/Inanna releases her chakra vestments clearing the way for a new way of being. 

“I feel I really did some deep throat chakra clearing during the journeys for the throat Chakra descent class. It feels like it may have cleared lineage issues for me in this chakra. Always amazed and wowed by all of the beautiful work you two Venus Vision Carriers are bringing forth.”  ~ Robyn

During the ascent we join together in reclaiming healthy, vital, ecstatic chakra energy. Our ceremonial collective intent further magnifies and amplifies our individual experience assisting each participant to experience whatever is needed for a successful initiatory journey.

“It’s been a radical! and sometimes tumultuous journey so far for me in this Venus Return; a lot of life changes and experiences to navigate, yet, every step of the way I have felt profoundly supported by you, Cayelin, and Tami and the sacred container that is Venus Alchemy. I have been brought more clearly into focus around the Sacred Work that is truly mine to do and I am so grateful.”  ~ Elizabeth

Is This Journey For You?

This course is open to both men and women desiring a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine wisdom as expressed through Venus. The power of this series, amplified by our collective intention, provides a profound alchemical connection with Venus.

This Journey is for you if:

  • You desire to experience more inner knowledge, wisdom and understanding of your sage nature
  • You would like powerful community support in participating with an ancient ceremonial practice honoring the Divine Feminine in ways that work for our current time
  • You desire to explore a direct and personally empowering experience of the Venus Cycle
  • You are in a personal 8-year Venus Return (Find Out HERE)
  • You have significant Capricorn on your natal chart (Moon, Sun, Ascendant, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, North/South Node
  • You are ready to clear and release any and all blocks around fully expressing who you really are as a woman OR connecting with the inner feminine as a man!
  • You are ready to experience even more magic and possibility in your life.

This series is based in an ancient cultural ceremonial practice designed to support your own personal transformation. Over the years we, along with many others, have found working with the Venus Cycle is powerfully life-changing and we would love to have you join us.

“I feel I did really deep throat chakra clearing during the journeys for the throat Chakra descent class. It feels like I may have cleared lineage issues for me in this chakra. I am always amazed and wowed by all of the beautiful work you two Venus Vision Carriers are bringing forth.” ~ RW

During the ascent our intent is to reclaim our powerful, healthy, vital, ecstatic life force energy with each of the chakras. Our ceremonial collective intent further magnifies the impact of this Evening Star Online Series

“Having just completed my own potent Venus Return in Leo, I have such deep appreciation for the compassionate and inspired leadership of Cayelin and Tami. I feel more empowered to step forward into this new expression of Aries as it energizes those fiery personal planets in my chart.” ~ Nikkea

Here’s What you Will Receive

  • Monthly live 90-minute classes (recorded for replay) with ceremonies designed for each Chakra Gate. If you can make the live class there is time for Q and A or you can email questions and comments before the class.
  • 8 Videos of Each Chakra Gate and how to work with them
  • Guided Meditations for each Chakra Gate
  • Beautiful Handouts for each Gate with Star Maps for the Venus Gates, Chakra Information, Ceremonial Suggestions etc.
  • Suggested Deepening Practices or Home Play
  • Option to have a Venus Buddy to journey with for the duration of the cycle
  • Access to a Private Facebook Page where you can post your insights, ask questions and get support as well as see what others are sharing
  • 50-minute Bonus Video describing the Venus Cycle and how it relates to the Inanna Story
  • Bonus Audio Meditations to support your journey
  • Bonus Videos on all things Venus and the Sacred Feminine
  • Venus Audio and PDF Package bonus. This bonus includes the most essential background information about the 19-month Venus Cycle with a look at the Sun through the signs as seasons – valued at $97

“You two are so dazzlingly brilliant with your Venus class series… LOVE!!! everything you two do…WOW to it all!!!… So of course I’m going to continue with my two beloved and delightful Goddess Guides ❤… and YAY for the new Venus Cycle!”  ~ Diane

Dates For the Live Classes    

Class One: Sunday Dec 18, 2022 at 11 am Pacific – First Gate/Root Chakra in Capricorn
2023 Dates
Class Two: Thursday Jan 19 at 1 pm Pacific
– Second Gate/Sacral Chakra in Aquarius
Class Three: Sunday Feb 19 at 11 am Pacific  – Third Gate/Solar Plexus Chakra in Aries
Class Four: Sunday Mar 19 at 1 pm Pacific – Fourth Gate/Heart Chakra in Taurus
Class Five: Wednesday Apr 19 at 11 am Pacific – Fifth Gate/Throat Chakra in Gemini
Class Six: Friday May 19 at 1 pm Pacific – Sixth Gate/Third Eye Chakra in Cancer
Class Seven: Sunday Jun 18 at 11 am Pacific – Seventh Gate/Crown Chakra in Leo
Class Eight: Sunday July 16 at 1 pm Pacific  – Eighth Gate/Soul Star Chakra in Leo

About the Facilitators

Cayelin Castell is a Magdalene/Divine Creation High Priestess and co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School with over twenty-two years of experience guiding clients and students through Venus Return Cycles.

Sheridan Semple is a Shamanic Astrologer and Sacred Aromatherapist who guides her students and clients into a deeper connection to themselves and their sacred path through Earth and Sky medicine.

Guest appearances by Tami Brunk co-founder of Venus Alchemy and former President of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

“Cayelin that meditation was incredibly powerful…wow – just wanted to honour the magic of that!! And to both you ladies – thank you for the teaching, the classes, holding the space…it has been beautiful, big juicy, and profound for me (for everyone I am sure!!)… got so much from it! JUST WANTED TO SEND THE LOVE BACK XXX”
~ Kyrona

Option 1: Capricorn Evening Star Tuition

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Option 3: Morning & Evening Star + Venus Signature Series Bundle

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Upcoming Leo Ceremonial Journey

Ceremonial Journeying With the Leo Meta-Goddess as she Descends and Ascends through the Chakra Gates.

No Previous Knowledge of Astrology is Necessary to engage this intimate and life changing initiation deepening your connection to the Sacred Feminine within and without!

Explore Your Venus Signature!

How would it feel and what would it take to further enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward joyfully living your soul’s purpose? 

Updated Venus Signature Series Now with 14 Classes
Diving Even Deeper Into
Your Personal Venus Signature. 

Get Your Personal Venus Reading

Dive one on one into your specific Venus signature and astrological chart. What aspects of the Feminine are you here to learn about and share with us all? 

Where does Venus fit into your entire natal chart and your Soul's evolutionary path of growth, empowerment and transformation?