Capricorn Root Chakra Ascent Evening Sky

Video from our Live Class – Dec 18

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See Root Chakra Video Below the Chat and Demons.

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Chat from Live Class

12:26:23 From Ilene Goldstein to Everyone:
My natal Venus and Mercury are out of bounds!
12:34:09 From Elizabeth T to Everyone:
When – date & where sign/deg was Venus furthest OOB? Is she on her way back in right now?
12:36:09 From Fay to Everyone:
WOW! Just realized this OOB new moon is on my Saturn at 1 Capricorn near the GC.
12:46:36 From Deborah El’elia Tallarico to Everyone:
So sorry I have to leave early… Soooo fascinating!! THANK YOU!! Look forward to watching the rest of the class! Infinite blessings to all!
13:01:06 From Ilene Goldstein to Everyone:
I marched with Delores and Cesar in the 70s in California for the grape boycott and farmers rights.
13:07:58 From karen to Everyone:
Sorry I need to leave Monday morning here. Blessings to all as Venus and moon start their dance upwards through the gates. xxxx
13:18:47 From Annette Sønderby to Everyone:
Got to go to bed unfortunately, thanks so much Cayelin & Sheridan, everybody, I love this 🤗 so beautiful 🙏🏻🥰
13:23:21 From Wendy Groomes to Everyone:
Beautiful thank you
13:23:44 From Genevieve Chavez Mitchell to Everyone:
Thank you!
13:24:14 From Sonia Maria to Everyone:
So Beautiful Ceremony, Thank You ! ❤️
13:24:27 From Kristy Cohen to Everyone:
Thank you ladies🌙
13:24:47 From cheryl meeks to Everyone:
thanks so much! Need to leave. xox
13:28:20 From Kimie Fujimoto to Everyone:
Thank you so much for this time! Many Blessings to all.
13:29:44 From Amanda Heartsong to Everyone:
Last few months have kicked my ass too mate! Thanks for sharing
13:32:07 From Kimie Fujimoto to Everyone:
This is also my Venus Return in January…I also felt close to checking out.
13:33:45 From Amanda Heartsong to Everyone:
Sharon, that was huge!
13:33:55 From Marcy to Everyone:
Loved this. Thank you. I have to jump off. Solstice Blessings!!!
13:42:47 From Amanda Heartsong to Everyone:
Thank you so much everyone. 🙂
13:43:22 From Kristy Cohen to Everyone:
Thank you, I have to leave! XOX
13:43:26 From Sonia Maria to Everyone:
Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
13:43:47 From Ilene Goldstein to Everyone:
Wendy can you please share what the homeopathic remedy
13:44:39 From Wendy Groomes to Everyone:
The Covid remedy is called Covid. I don’t know that it’s readily available for purchase. I got from my homeopathy.
13:44:50 From Daniela Caronia to Everyone:
I have to leave thank you so much
13:45:08 From Wendy Groomes to Everyone:
I can see if I can find out more about its availability.
13:45:11 From Karen’s iPad to Everyone:
Thank you so much! Sending love to al!
13:45:30 From Genevieve Chavez Mitchell to Everyone:
That would be great! Thanks Wendy!
13:58:19 From robin (she/they) to Everyone:
Thank you!! So long.

Daimon Defined

Known by many names across cultures (daimon, guardian angel, the ally, spirit twin, the inner guide, fravashi) Jung considered it the self-personifying ‘primordial image’ of the archetypal Self, Assagioli called it the Higher Self. It is the Dream Maker, Synchronicity Orchestrator, when not recognizing and honoring it, the Symptom Giver.

It is important to connect with it, interact with it and allow it to guide your steps. Everybody has one. The shamans take it seriously and engage it deeply. It dwells in the Heart, and is your inner ‘axis mundi’.

Living from the heart and creatively shaping your life with your Yes and No brings forth your true nature and moves you towards fulfilling your destiny, day by day.

As James Hillman suggested, it holds “the soul’s code” and that deep code is what I call, “the Archetype of You.”
~C.Michael Smith, Ph.D Jung and Shamanism In Dialogue: Retrieving Soul/Retrieving the Sacred. 


The Jaguar Days Listed Below are worthy of our Attention especially as this First Gate is so Close to the Jaguar Day on Dec 23 at the OOB Perigee Super New Moon!

The Link to Jaguar Medicine Below Doesn’t Work so Use THIS Instead

Root Chakra Evening Star Meditation - 16 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Venus Evening Star Root Chakra Meditation Audio Right Click Here

Root Chakra Toning with Claudette

Toning Links

Find more links and an Introductory Video
from Claudette
on Chakra Toning at link below

Clicking on the image to the right to see high res quality

Root Chakra Toning Document


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