The Relational Goddess Mysteries
Sekhmet as Relational Goddess

by Cayelin K Castell

Sekhmet inside her Temple in Nevada with Full Moon Rising

It may be surprising to consider the fierce warrior Goddess Sekhmet as a wise relational Goddess, but once her job of restoring the Cosmic Balance was done her relational side emerged as an example of how conscious co-creative relating can also be powerfully healing.

Sekhmet is a Solar Goddess known for her shamanic healing abilities, righting wrongs and restoring cosmic justice.

The patriarchy’s version of this story describes Sekhmet being sent by her father the Sun God Ra to restore the cosmic balance, but she was over zealous described as going on a rampage – killing everyone she came across.

When Ra tried to call her back, she pretended not to hear him and continued her killing spree. Ra had to trick her by putting beer on the battlefield that looked like blood (from crushed pomegranate juice). When Sekhmet stopped to drink the beer she got so drunk she passed out. In some versions of the story, when she woke up the first person she saw was Ptah. She instantly fell in love and they quickly became consorts.

Other Relational Goddess

A few of the cross-cultural ancient pantheons of Goddesses who were relational (or had consorts) include: Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Hera, Juno, Rhiannon, Amaterasu (she who illuminates heaven), Lakshmi, Persephone, Erishkigal, Freya, Ixchel etcetera.

Unfortunately, for Hera her partner Zues did not value conscious, co-creative, collaborative partnership. Hera had a lot to endure from a philandering husband who did not care one bit about how she felt even though she was highly revered for loyalty and fidelity by other Gods and Goddesses. (Asteroid Goddesses by Demtra George)

Hera’s story has informed the nature of relationship between the masculine and feminine for eons of time. Fortunately this story is in the process of changing as we grow and evolve, and we have other stories we can look too, including the story of Sekhmet and her consort Ptah. (More on Hera/Juno in a future article)

Sekhmet’s Story begins as an Expression of the Wild Warrior Goddess

Although Sekhmet’s story has been distorted in its patriarchal telling, there are remnants within these Tellings that let us know Sekhmet is a pure divine solar light being carrying the best of the Royal Codes of Queenship, Shamanic Healing and Conscious, Co-Creative Relationship with all life. She reminds us these light codes are within each of us and it is time to remember and reclaim our divine heritage.

The ancient Egyptians describe Sekhmet as the daughter of Ra, the feminine eye of the Sun, sent to Earth to restore balance and order. From another perspective, she was sent to alchemically transform any negativity plaguing the Earth.

As already described, Patriarchy’s version of the story violently describes her killing spree. Perhaps the real reason Sekhmet was sent to Earth was to devour all the negativity, so rampant then and now. We could imagine she was devouring negativing – taking it into her belly (her own alchemical cauldron) – digesting and transforming the negative energies in to powerful expressions of Pure Divine Love.

Sekhmet’s name, derived from Sekhem, describes her purpose. Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian word meaning “sacred power” or sacred energy. Sekhmet (a Solar Goddess) restores cosmic law (for Maat) and balance through the process of Divine Alchemy – transforming negative energy restoring it to its original Divine expression.

Path of Initiation and Priestess of Sekhmet

In ancient Egyptian times the first step on the path of initiation to reclaim one’s divine sovereignty and power was to go before a priestess of Sekhmet, in essence standing before Sekhmet herself. These priestesses were trained to determine if the initiate was truly willing to let go of negative egoic patterns and step into their divine power from a place of integrity and humility. If the one seeking initiation met this criteria then the initiatory journey could begin.

It was important for the initiate to know that this journey was NOT about gaining personal power to rule over others but rather to stand in the strength and power of their divine essence as an inspiration to all those who were seeking the path of divine self-love and divine relationship with self and others.

Sacred Relationship – Sekhmet and Ptah

Once Balance has been restored and Sekhmet becomes the consort (wife) of Ptah, Sekhmet gives birth to their son, Nefertum, a healing god who predates Asclepius. Sekhmet, Ptah and Nefertum were known as the Memphis trio, renowned for their healing abilities and maintaining the cosmic balance Sekhmet was sent to restore.

The  relationship between Sekhmet and Ptah represents the gift of co-creative, conscious, collaborative relationship. Their union represents the outer sacred marriage that is possible when inner wholeness is achieved.

Sekhmet is fiercely compassionate, she is a powerful feminine force that restores balance and love. She is also a relational goddess helping to restore balance, equality, and conscious co-creation through collaboration between our inner and outer selves, as well as all relationships including the divine feminine and the divine masculine, with each other, and all life on Earth.

The Relational Goddess Initiation Cycle began November 1, 2018 and lasts until June 8, 2020.

The Memphis Trio Nerfertum, Sekhmet, Ptah

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Pilgrimage to the Sekhmet Temple 2015

In August of 2015, a group of 8 powerful women traveled to Nevada (outside of Las Vegas) to a Temple dedicated to Sekhmet where we met her face to face. There we asked for her support in alchemically transforming any negative, or lower vibrational energy we may carry that interferes with our ability to truly love ourselves.

It is a process, a journey that requires willingness and surrender as we reclaim our divine nature and our ability to fully channel, metabolize and radiate divine light while further invoking the strength, power and love Sekhmet has for all who have felt called (or feel called now) to engage this ceremonial journey.

Here are a few images of that journey…

Sekhmet Group Power of 8 shot 2015 The Power of 8 (synchronistically 8 years from one Venus Cycle to the next) at the Sekhmet Temple to honor Venus and Mars in the Morning Sky at the Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon on Horizon Aug 2015 Pisces Full Moon on the Horizon beside the Sekhmet Temple August 2015

Inside the Sekhmet Temple


Greeting the Sun from the Sekhmet Temple