Sekhmet Returns

IMG_2816Sekhmet and the Leo Venus Cycle

Last August 22, 2015 a new 19 month Initiatory Journey of Venus began. This cycle lasts until March 31, 2017.

Venus rose into the morning sky in Leo ignited the Solar Feminine archetype of Leo. On July 13, 2016 Venus rose into the evening sky to claim her throne.

When healthy the Leo archetype expresses as sacred feminine power and leadership captured in the imagery of the Radiant Divine Sovereign Queen.

There are many examples in our cross-cultural ancient pantheons of Goddess Queens, including Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Hera, Juno, Amaterasu, Astarte, Rhiannon, Lakshmi, Persephone, Erishkigal, Selene, Freya, Ixchel and many more.

Venus passes through each phase of this new initiatory journey in the archetypal realm of Leo. It is powerful time to engage the mysteries of healthy Self-Love, what does that mean and  how can we make the most of this opportunity? A new Venus Tele-Class series that begins on July 31 explores the gifts the Leonine Goddesses have for us with a special focus on Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lionheaded Queen Goddess often depicted with the Solar Disk on her head.

Although Sekhmet’s story has been distorted in its patriarchal telling, there are remnants within these Tellings that let us know Sekhmet is a pure divine solar light being and she is carrying the best of the Royal Codes of Queenship. She reminds us these light codes are within each of us and we now have an opportunity to remember and reclaim our divine heritage.

Sekhmet inside her templeThe ancient Egyptians describe Sekhmet as the daughter of Ra, the feminine eye of the Sun, sent to Earth to restore balance and order. Her job was, and still is, to alchemically transform any negativity plaguing the Earth. She does this by devouring it, taking it into her belly, or alchemical cauldron, digesting and transforming it in to a powerful expression of Pure Divine Love.

Sekhmet’s name, derived from Sekhem, describes her purpose, as Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian word meaning “sacred power” or sacred energy. Sekhmet (a Solar Goddess) restores cosmic law (for Maat) and balance through the process of Divine Alchemy – transforming negative energy and returning it to its original Divine expression.

In ancient Egyptian times the first step on the path of initiation to reclaim one’s divine sovereignty and power was to go before a priestess of Sekhmet, in essence standing before Sekhmet herself. These priestesses would determine if the initiate was truly willing to let go of negative egoic patterns and step into their power from a place of integrity and humility before they were allowed to begin their initiatory journey.

It was important for the initiate to know that this journey was NOT about gaining personal power to rule over others but rather to stand in the strength and power of their divine essence as an inspiration to all those who were seeking the path of divine self-love.

When this Leo Venus Cycle began in August of 2015, a group of 8 powerful women traveled to Nevada (outside of Las Vegas) to a Temple dedicated to Sekhmet where we met her face to face. There we asked for her support in transmuting or alchemically transforming any negative, or lower vibrational energy we may carry that interferes with our ability to truly love ourselves. It is a process, a journey that requires willingness and surrender for the purpose of consciously reclaiming our divine nature and our ability to fully channel, metabolize and radiate divine light.

Tami and I (along with 6 other women) journeyed on behalf of all who are in our Venus Tele-class series, invoking the strength, power and love Sekhmet has for all who have felt called (or feel called now) to engage this ceremonial journey. Sekhmet is fiercely compassionate, she is a powerful feminine force that restores balance and love. However, we must die to all that is not of our true divine nature first and this is often much easier said than done. Many who are already a part of this Tele-class series have expressed their gratitude for the support and love they feel with this powerful group energy.

If you haven’t joined this transformative and life-changing tele-class series – ceremonially journeying with Inanna (and Sekhmet) through the 7/8 gates into the underworld and back again we would love to have you joins us. It is not to late to get in on this life changing journey. Details and Sign-Up for the Evening Star series beginning July 31, 2016 is HERE

Sekhmet Group Power of 8 shot 2015

The Power of 8 (synchronistically 8 years from one Venus Cycle to the next) at the Sekhmet Temple to honor Venus and Mars in the Morning Sky at the Pisces Full Moon

Full Moon on Horizon Aug 2015

Pisces Full Moon on the Horizon beside the Sekhmet Temple August 2015

From inside Sekhmet Temple

Looking South From Inside the Sekhmet Temple

Sunrise Sekhmet Temple Aug 29 2015

Sunrise from the Sekhmet Temple just after the Moon set on August 29


  1. Restoring the Cosmic Balance. Thank you Sekhmet and thank you for this beautiful reminder of the power of the fierce feminine…this could hardly be more timely.

  2. Ahhh, yes. July/August 2015 began the undoing and letting go of an intense love relationship, as I consciously made the choice to walk through the pain of that death, to save my own life.

    As my Shamanic Brothers and Sisters know, it was, and has been an excruciating process which literally took a village (many tribes actually!) to pull me through.

    My gratitude still expounds for the phone support, and the tractor beam of light that pulled me in to Tubac this past October as I was stopped, stranded in the center (literally in El Centro!) on my way to the Sacred Inner Marriage Intensive.

    As does my gratitude still grow deeper for the support and strength that came from the AsAbove/SoBelow Individuals on my desolate, yet willingness-to be-empowered trip back home, and also gratitude for the support I continued to receive upon return as I constantly fought the urge to reconnect with the partner, for whom I also still have great gratitude and love for, asI know he has had his own painful journey of release as well.

    November through June continued to be an agonizing up and down, and back and forth attempt at a reconciliation between my Spiritial Soul-Quest, and my Human-Heart’s Desires.

    Just in the last week, have I begun to feel a return at times to my Whole-Self; and yet while often still in the Void, I know that this Journey will be, and has all been worth it for my Divine Maturation and Divine Growth.

    All that being said, I hail and honor the dance I have had with my Mars and Venus in the external Human-World-Being form, and am still learning from the accelerated downloads being received recently on just what the Inner-Sacred Marriage looks like/feels like in the Outer-Sacred World.

    I embrace with releif the knowledge that though still in the process of the rebuild from deflation, what will come during this next phase of our rise to Empress and Emperor Em/Powerment, will have made all the Alchemical Melting worth it: Worth It’s Weight in Gold!

    • Thank you Deb for this wonderful gratitude you are expressing and I am acknowledging what I have witnessed as the courageous embracing of your journey with so much grace, even in the toughest times. Loving your insights and feeling inspired by your sharing. Lots of love to you 🙂

    • Pai’e we would love for you to join us. Hope you can make it too! You can sign up at anytime though our first live class is July 31 the last one is not until February 20, 2017 🙂

  3. Loving this great article about Sekhmet and the powerful Solar Feminine! It is a concept I wasn’t familiar with but feeling it is so right on…

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