How Working With the Venus Cycle Changed My Life

Personal experience has taught me that working with the Venus Cycle is life changing.  

This image taken during my age 32 Venus Return was before I knew about ceremonially working with the Venus Cycle and the pain I am feeling is plain to see.

The second image is four Venus Cycles (32 years) later where I have stepped up my ceremonial engagement with Venus in general and especially now in my own Venus Return. I am now enjoying the best, most magical and fun time of my life.

Not everyone will experience a Venus Return in the same way as it depends on how much you need to die to, release and let go of to get back on track with who you really are. It also depends on how resistant you are to these changes.

At age 32 I was so miserable I prayed to die. Some part of me knew that wasn’t really an option as I was the Mom of three small children (a 5 year old turning 6 and 3 year old twins turning 4). What I didn’t know at that time was how I literally was dying to my old life – just not in a way that I understood YET and I was in HUGE resistance to those changes making it even more painful.

During the underworld phase of my age 32 Venus Cycle life as I knew it blew to shreds. By the end of that Venus Return I was in a whole new, much better and happier life.

During my age 40 Venus Return I learned how to do ceremony through a Priestess initiation with women I still call my Priestess Sisters almost 25 years later.

At my age 48 Venus Return my life blew up again but this time I had a community of women, (priestesses) to help me navigate the changes as well as getting together to do ceremony under the Venus Moon conjunctions. It was so powerful to do those ceremonies with greater awareness and I was forever changed by that experience.

I also understood the benefit of surrendering to the process rather than resisting and fighting it. 

At my age 56 Venus Return (2010 to 2012) I worked every single gate with conscious attention and intention. I kept a Venus Journal, created a Venus Altar, did ceremony, viewed every single gate in the morning and evening sky and implemented many other practices that later became part of the Venus Alchemy Journey in 2014. It was one of the most magically transformative experiences I have ever had and until now was my favorite Venus Return.

Now my favorite Venus Return so far is this current one in my age 64 return with a beautiful community of women and men all over the world engaged in this sacred journey – supporting one another and deepening our understanding of this cycle at each gate.

Plus, I get to be married to my BHE (Best Husband Ever) and 13 years into our marriage (in 2019) it is my BME (Best Marriage Ever). What I love most is our relationship gets continually more FUN and amazing every day.

This is my third marriage and its true for me that the third time is magically charmed. This photo is Peter and Me in 2019!

Yes the Venus Cycle began changing my life before I even knew what it was and YES it continues to bless me in ways that are beyond words.

What inspires me further these days is seeing how life changing this journey is for so many who have participated with us over the last many years. 

Speaking from personal experience it is one of the single most important things I have ever done for myself and I imagine it can be the same for you!

We would love for you to Join us for a powerful ceremonial journey with a stellar Venus Community .

Through ceremonial intention we engage each Venus cycle from the perspective of each Meta Goddess on the World Stage for 19 months going through the releasing and reclaiming process dependingon what phase of the Venus Cycle we are currently experiencing. Join anytime.

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