Your Venus Star Phase

IMG_7640 (1)An In-depth look at the Alchemy of Morning, Evening, and Underworld Venus

This Class is now recorded and ready for immediate Access along with handouts, element meditation, tutorial on how to determine your own Venus Star Phase and video on the Venus Synodic Cycle. See Payment Information Below

In this cutting-edge, innovative NEW class we will explore these questions:

Are You, or is your Inner Beloved a Morning Star: the Fierce Feminine, Wild Woman, Warrior of the Heart, Sekhmet, Passionate About Bringing and Restoring Balance to the Cosmic Order?

Are You, or is your Inner Beloved an Evening Star: Alchemical Priestess, Sophia Feminine, Dedicated to Full Integration of the Emerging New Feminine Expression at this Time and Sharing the Wisdom You Have Gained on Your Life’s Journey?

Are You, or is your Inner Beloved an Underworld Star: Shamaness, Powerful Dark Feminine Who Knows How to Die and Be Reborn, Experiencing the Deepest Levels of Transformation and Metamorphosis?

me and cayelinCayelin Castell and Tami Brunk, founders of Venus Alchemy LLC will take you on a journey of discovery far beyond your natal Venus Sign. Together we unlock the hidden understanding of how to fully ignite and empower your emerging Feminine (for women), and initiate the Sacred Marriage (for men).

This is cutting-edge new material, delving deeper than we’ve ever gone before into the question; “how does my place in the Venus Synodic Cycle influence my life and mode of being?” We have found this investigation reveals essential, astonishing truths about who we are and how we approach our life-as-initiation.

This class is designed as a dynamic conversation with Cayelin, Tami, and class participants enriching our personal and collective understanding of how Venus is helping to inform our lives. You will discover what your Venus Star Phase is, as we investigate personal Venus Phase experiences, including those of clients, and class participants. Together we will discover even more about this unique understanding of Venus, remaining open to new insights, aha’s and alchemy that is possible when we approach these mysteries with wonder and curiosity.

Element Meditation with Cayelin
Video on the Venus Synodic Cycle with Cayelin and Tami
Tutorial on How to Determine Your Personal Venus Star Phase and that of Others

This Venus Star Phase Class is a powerful stand alone class and is also included in the entire 8 class Venus Signature Series designed to provide never before shared helpful insights that will deepen your personal connection to Venus.

Venus Star Phase Class Tuition $40


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