IMG_0139Venus Alchemy Series: Getting Personal with the Goddess

NOTE: This Venus Signature Series is NOT the Monthly Venus Journey Live with Cayelin and Tami. However, it is a powerful online course created by Cayelin and Tami and ready to engage as a way to discover more about your personal Venus Signature as described below.

To find our current ceremonial LIVE Venus Journey through the Venus Gates go to the first link under the Venus Alchemy Classes Tab titled either Morning or Evening Star Journey.

I’m so thrilled (YAY) about this class… how fun for us all! Cayelin and Tami you are both so delightfully informative and beautifully inspirational with all things astrological… especially with our beloved Venus… I can hardly wait :-D!!

How would it feel and what would it take to fully enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose?

The live class began on the day Mars station direct in Scorpio. Venus was still in the Underworld opposite Pluto – something we could imagine as a resonant polarity with the Dark Goddess, integrating both shadow and light. All this suggests profound alchemy at work and a perfect time to launch this new Venus Signature Series. As far as we know nothing like this has ever been taught and explored anywhere. Immense Gratitude to the Goddess in all her forms for guiding us to this moment.

All Venus Alchemy classes invite you to experience the ceremonial, initiatory dimension of Venus personally and collectively. This Class Series focuses on your intended ever evolving, unique expression of the Goddess.

I love, love, love this new Venus class! I keep poring over the amazing master file and finding so many synergies in my life. Thank you for bringing this material forth in such an amazing way. RW

Slide1This course is all about your own connection to the evolution of the Divine Feminine including a deep dive into your Venus Overtone, Chakra Gate, and Venus Star Phase with easy access to a document that identifies what these are for you.

Using guided meditations, journaling, movement, and other innovative teaching tools to reveal these mysteries in new ways provides a deeper understanding of your personal Venus Signature. We also used the power of intent, the power of questions, and the power of awareness to catalyze a deeper understanding of these Venus Mysteries.

No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary to take this series.

Class 1: Your Venus Star Phase: An In-depth look at Morning, Evening, and Underworld Venus
Class 2: Your Venus Chakra Gates: Keys to Unlocking Personal Transformation
Class 3: Your Venus Overtone: Insights Into Your Meta-Goddess
Class 4: Your Venus & Moon Alchemy: Celebrating the Ancient/Future Feminine
Class 5: Your Venus & Sun Alchemy: Illuminating the Goddess Within
Class 6: Your Venus & Ascendant Alchemy: Enlisting the Support of your Inner Goddess to Embody Your Soul’s Purpose
Class 7: Venus and Outer Planetary Complexes: Discovering Our Master Teachers and Guides
Class 8: Venus Alchemy Synthesis: Bringing it all Together

Kudos to you and Tami for a beyond excellent class!! I’m hooked and excited to listen to the entire serie


This Class Series is for you IF:

  • You Are Seeking A More Direct Connection With Your Inner Feminine or Inner Goddess
  • You Are Desiring to Explore and Experience the Many Facets of Your Personal Expression of the Divine Feminine Within You
  • You Would Love to Explore the Unique Synthesis of Your Venus Sign as it Relates to your Sun Sign
  • You Want the benefits of Knowing and Understanding your Venus Star Phase, Overtone (Meta-Goddess), Inner Star Phase often showing up as a Chakra Gate, Etc.
  • You Enjoy a Ceremonial Context for Discovering the Fundamental Elements of Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Your are a Man Who Has A Deep Desire To Encounter and Engage Your Inner Sacred Feminine as Beloved and Ally
  • You Are Participating In the Leo Venus Evening Star Journey and Want To Understand More About Your Place in the Venus Cycle
Wow! A huge thank you for all of the deep rich material and the generous special bonus with all of the Venus Phase information that you have shared – it has confirmed many things for me and sparked new understandings and potential journeys, and hopefully more writing and illustrating – this is all an amazing gift! SG

Here’s What you Will Receive:

  • 8 Recorded Class Sessions of about 90 minutes each.
  • Experiential Tools, such as Journeying, Journaling, Guided Meditations and more
  • Suggested Deepening Practices
  • Access To Handouts, Worksheets etc. For The Many Facets Of Your Personal Venus Alchemy
  • Access to In-Depth Video Overview of the Venus Synodic Cycle
  • Insight into Your Specific Venus Phase and Your Venus Inner Star Phase including your Personal Chakra Gate if you have one
  • Access to a Private Facebook Page Where You Can Post Your Insights and Get Support as Well as See What Others Have Shared and are Sharing
  • Bonus for those taking the Full Class Series. We have created a super cool document that tells you exactly where you (or anyone you know) were born in the Venus Cycle, What Venus Star Phase You Have, What Your Venus Overtone Cycle (Meta Goddess) Is, What Inner Venus Star Phase you have including Chakra Gate (If You Have One) in the Morning and Evening Star Phase or Between Phase, or if you Were Born in Inanna’s Underworld, or the Metamorphic Underworld. This covers all the Venus Cycles from 1929 to now and beyond. Value Priceless

I have been blown away by the powerful insights of the beginning of the “Getting personal with the Goddess” series- so much so that I found myself close to tears at the recognition of myself in the section on the Metamorphic Underworld. So much of what you describe has been such a huge part of my life experience. Jennifer

$247 Full Series Tuition Special – regularly $347 Be sure to see what each class covers below.

Thank you Cayelin and Tami for compiling this wonderful signature series, giving us such an amazing insight into Venus. I feel it could go on forever, there is so much information unfolding all the time. I loved your creative presentations, and appreciate the amount of time and energy it must have taken to put it all together. Love and Blessings, Ruth

Class 1: Your Venus Star PhaseAn In-depth look at the Alchemy of Morning, Evening, and the Underworld Phases of Venus.

In this class we asked the question: what does it mean to be born as a Morning, Evening, or Underworld Venus? How does this cause us to approach life differently? What are the unique contributions and challenges presented by each Venus Star Phase? How does our life transform when we claim the hidden gifts within our personal Phase?

Our desire in this class is to illuminate the sacred intent of each of these Venus Star Phases, and call forth their most vibrant expression in our personal lives. This class provides greater awareness and appreciation for your personal Venus Star Phase, and the tools to live your life in greater alignment with Great Mystery.

Class 2: Your Venus Chakra Gate: Keys to Unlocking Personal Transformation

In this special class we briefly reviewed the Venus Star Phase material before we explored the personal Venus Chakra Gates or Inner Star Phase. The Venus Chakra Gates refer to the Moon Venus conjunctions occurring when Venus is in her Morning and Evening Star Phases.  We also explored the newly recognized Between Phase and Underworld Phases in Greater Depth.

The Chakra Gates represent the moments where the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, whose stories describe the Venus Synodic Cycle, removes or reclaims ceremonial vestments at specific Chakras.

For example, how might it differ to be a Morning Star at the “Crown Chakra Gate,” versus the “Root Chaka Gate?” How do men and women experience this differently? How do these Chakra Gates differ when occurring in the Morning Star or Evening Star phase?

Class 3: Your Venus Overtone: Insights Into Your Meta-Goddess

We are each born into a specific Archetypal Overtone of the Divine Feminine. Discover what your specific Overtone (or Meta Goddess Archetype) is and explore how this expression has developed within you over the course of your life. Throughout your life (every 8 years) you are invited to actively participate in dismantling the collective barriers and blocks to this unique expression of the feminine showing up on the world stage.

Class 4: Your Venus & Moon Alchemy: Celebrating the Ancient/Future Feminine

We explored the rich heritage of the feminine we uniquely are as well as called forth the emerging expression of the Future Feminine we are here to realize.

Class 5: Your Venus & Sun Alchemy: Illuminating the Goddess Within

Do Sun Sign descriptions leave you flat and uninspired? Learn how the unique Alchemy of your Sun and Venus energizes the true Goddess nature you are here to cultivate (women) or engage (men). This will empower you to bring to life the aspects of the Goddess that are yours to explore.

Class 6: Venus and the Ascendant: Enlisting the Support of your Inner Goddess to Reach Your Soul’s Purpose

We explored our intended life curriculum and path to greatest fulfillment, as described by the sign of our Ascendant or Current Life Mystery School. When our Inner Feminine is embodied and empowered it serves to support our intended curriculum and investigation of the Mystery School of Current Life Intent.

Class 7: Venus and Outer Planetary Complexes: Discovering Our Master Teachers and Guides

Who are the Master Teachers and Guides showing up on your natal chart in relationship to your Venus? And how are they helping you bring additional dimensions into your emerging Feminine expression (women) and connection to the Inner Feminine (men)? For example, if your Venus is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) that fiery Venus Goddess is very different if she is also receiving guidance from Neptune. Initially, Neptune may be experienced as identity crisis, who am I really? Learning to trust inner knowing is a Neptune Teaching. Also, this combination suggests the fiery Venus is learning how to more compassionate and kind.

Class 8: Venus Alchemy Synthesis: Bringing it all Together

This class helps you to tell the mythic story of your heroines journey in all its beautiful complexity, poignancy and power. By viewing your life through this sacred lens you have the opportunity to invoke the power of your deeper feminine soul to animate and activate the Goddess within in ways she has never been seen, felt or experienced before.

Thank you dear Cayelin and Tami for the extraordinary gift of this new perspective, I clearly needed this now! Blessings on all the knowledge and richness of love and compassion that you both share so generously. This is excellence I deeply admire – as opposed to perfection – something that does not exist!

This is a powerful offering as a stand alone Class Series, however we recommend it as a compliment to our extremely popular Venus Monthly Ceremonial Initiation Teleclass Series

An Interview On What This is All About

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Explore Your Venus Signature!

How would it feel and what would it take to fully enliven your Inner Goddess so she is guiding you toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose?

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