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Hello! I’m joining from my phone, but will be driving. Camera off 🙂
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Good to hear you all!
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Good morning ladies 😊 joining nice and early from Australia!!!
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Also EDT folks happens after midnight, so for us technically tomorrow
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Video of rising Appalachia song Make Magic
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Thank you so much for a beautiful class… I have to run but sending love and blessings to all for this powerful time ❤️
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Cayelins is the best video to understand this topic.
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Thank you everyone! I’ve got to hop off!
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thank you so much for this beautiful class and all the information! I have to leave
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Love the synchronicity!
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Thank you all — many blessings!
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Thanks a bunch!
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THankyou. love to all, T
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Evening Star Throat Chakra Overview

5th Throat Chakra Evening Star Evergreen PDF

Article on the Throat Chakra

Toning as a Guided Journey shared by Estela Bremer

Sekhmet Mantra with images from the Nevada Sekhmet Temple

Some Trickster energy has been messing with the audio link below.
It looks like it is fixed now but let us know
if you have any issues so we can fix it again if needed.

Throat Chakra Evening Star Meditation - 19 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the Fifth Chakra Evening Star Meditation right click HERE and select “save file or link as”

Find more links and an Introductory Video from Claudette
on Chakra Toning at link below

Throat Chakra Toning PDF from Claudette

Throat Chakra Toning Instructional Video from Claudette

Toning Tracks
Om Ah Hum – Grace  
Om Mani Padme Hum – Soul Blossom


Additional Resources

Time Magazine Article: Singing Changes your Brain

The 12 Instant Benefits of Humming Daily

“Humming” Wonder Questions and Thinking Big with Gay Hendricks

Healthy Self Love and Not Giving Your Power Away

Robert Masters The Goddess Sekhmet Pyscho Spiritual Exercises of the 5th Way

Leo Ceremonial Journey

Ceremonial Journeying With the Leo Meta-Goddess as she Descends and Ascends through the Chakra Gates.

No Previous Knowledge of Astrology is Necessary to engage this intimate and life changing initiation deepening your connection to the Sacred Feminine within and without!

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