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Benefits of Gratitude – science shows Gratitude Altars the Human Heart

Article on Teotihuacan a site also dedicated to Venus and place we want to take a group someday. Let us know if you are interested?

Juno Moneta Second Chakra by Cayelin Castell and Gina Dawn Gavaris

Juno Moneta the Mother of Money by Dianne M. Juhl

search. Inequity For All with Robert Reich  This is a YouTube trailer for the Movie

Sacral Chakra Meditation - 22 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

To download the 2nd Chakra Evening Star Meditation Audio Right Click Here

As you reclaim healthy relationship with self and others,
and as you awaken to your self-value,
drink deeply of (and say “yes” to) the pleasure
of sense and scent.
Infused with damiana,
this sacral chakra oil
(and the coming series of chakra oils)
are being uniquely designed
for this ceremonial Venus journey.