Venus Star Phases with Audio Overview and
4 Videos on Each Star Phase 
Audio Class on the 
Inner Star Phases Or Chakra Gates

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Here are Questions to Consider while listening to the content.

Do you know your Venus Star Phase?

Is it morning, evening or one of the two underworlds?

Do you feel comfortable locating not only your Venus Star phase but do you know how to do it for others?

Do you have questions about how to integrate your Venus Star Phase with your natal Venus sign?

Do you know how to determine your Inner Venus Star Phase?

Do you know Venus returns to your Venus Star Phase even when you are not in a personal Venus Return and that time in the phase may be significant for you to be aware of and work with ceremonially?

It is especially helpful for you to write up a synthesis or understanding around how your natal Venus and natal Venus Star Phase and Inner Star Phase is showing up in your life and send it to us before the live class – even if you can’t join us live and even if you can be there.

It is not required but highly recommended you share your written insights with us before the next Q & A as that will help you deepen your own experience and that of the entire class. Please keep track of your answers, questions and insights and send them to us a couple of weeks before the Nov 2020 Q & A and not before as they might get lost. Thank you so much for being a part of this remarkable process.

Overview of the Venus Star Phases

by Cayelin K Castell and Tami Brunk

To download the Venus Star Phase Class Audio Right Click Here

Venus Inner Star Phase Class PDF Handout

Updated Deepening Exercises for Venus Inner Star Phases

Jennifer Welch Sharing Metamorphic Underworld Experience Jennifer lives in South Africa so was unable to join us for the live calls. She has generously shared her experience about the Metamorphic Underworld. We would love to collect more of these stories to share if you feel inspired to share with us!

Due to Technical Difficulties this is a two part replay…

2022 February Venus Star Phase Q & A Part 1 up close and personal. Part 2  includes new insights about the 1st Venus Return and understanding Venus Retrograde as Morning Star in Part 2 where the PDF is shown in the video.

2022 Q&A Star Phases and Metagoddesses PDF 

2020 November Venus Star Phase Q & A video very up close and personal.

We only shared a small part of this PDF in the video and it has lots of great insights from the previous Q & A in 2019. Venus Star Phase Q & A Nov 2020

November 07, 2019 Venus Star Phase Q & A

 PDF for the Video its a big file so it doesn’t open quickly…